Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Local10 News Video: Condo Security Blocks Funeral Home Following Mother's Death

I can't even make this up...Jade Winds in the news once again. 

Local10 News Video Link below:  
So Fla Man Outraged after Condo Security Blocks Funeral Home Following Mother's Death

Anxiously awaiting these changes, please.
"This goes beyond any sort of reasonableness, I can't imagine," said Powers. "I mean, all he had to do was at least accommodate them to make the change."
...for the love of money.


I thought the purpose of having security and a security gate was to prevent people from just walking in?  It appears security is focused on other matters.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Don't Let Them Fool Ya!

Two weeks ago I wrote the blog titled, Compare Then and Now: Last Year's 60 Day Notice and I said the following:  
They are scheming and hoping that you don't get involved. The less you know and the less you participate the longer these despots can continue their reign of terror.

The pictures below were taken this evening from each building of the Association. We have elections coming  up and not one bit of information is posted anywhere on the property calling for participation, seeking volunteers, committee members, NOTHING...just crickets and old lies and hardly relevant information, if anything at all.  

I will let the pictures below speak for themselves.     

Hey Board Members and Management, here is a hint: 
EDUCATION and COMMUNICATION will work wonders if you at least give it a try. 

I have spoken to several of you personally these past weeks and none of you have taken me up on my offer.   I am willing to volunteer and help out to make this Association a better place to live. 

Something is better than nothing.

Jade Winds Letter calling protesters "hoodlums" etc is still posted.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Say Cheese but Get Ready to Pay the Price

According to the most recently issued JWA Rules and Regulations (revision date and method unknown) 
"the use of cameras, audio recordings, or video equipment...is prohibited anywhere on the Jade Winds Association property..."
Really? Freaking Really??

What has become of this place?  How has our Board of Directors allowed this to happen?  How in the world is this rule "reasonable" in any sense of the word?  

This is a dangerous and slippery slope. I will not allow it and I will not comply. And although we are a private gated-community, we are still located in United States of America; the same United States that I served and defended honorably in the US Army to ensure that our rights and liberties are protected and preserved against all enemies-- foreign and domestic.     

It is obvious that this is yet but another desperate attempt to quell any opposition to the despotic reign of terror of the existing Board of Directors and its incompetent yet elusive property manager.  (Another topic to write about and detail in another blog soon.)

When will you stand up and say that enough is enough? How many rights and liberties (and MONEY) are you willing to give up before you realize that this Association has gone TOO far.   

My head is NOT buried in the sand. I am NOT apathetic. I see what is happening here and around me. I choose to stay informed and I choose to stay involved and fight but I need your help. We need to help each other to fight what is obviously unreasonable, unfair, blatantly wrong, and ultimately unconstitutional.    

Here is the actual page of the JWA Rules and Regulations promulgating this bizarre and truly unreasonable rule (amongst others) 

Read it and weep- I did but only for a brief moment.  Now is not the time to cry.  It is time to be brave and fight a good fight for what is right and just. Are you in or out? Please email jadewindsaction@gmail.com  

Parking Rules Changed Again

The parking rules have been changed once again.  

This time they appear to be a bit more reasonable probably because of all the backlash and pressure by unit owners and others about how unreasonable and unfair the parking rules were to begin with.

However, I am still concerned as to the method and the true reasoning for this change.  Was this change approved by the board?  If so, when and by whom?  

Please share your thoughts and ideas.  

Property Manager and her minion at work arbitrarily changing the posted parking rules. 

The new rules are shown below: 
New Parking Rules changed and posted on 12 Feb 14

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Important Info: Maintenance and Assessment Payments Methods

Hello Fellow Unit Owners and Beloved Neighbors,

For the next few months, or at least until the upcoming elections are over and the new Board is elected, please do NOT submit your maintenance and assessment payments to the Jade Winds Management office.  

Instead, submit all required payments directly to the nearest BB&T bank. Bring your payment coupons with you when visiting the bank and make all payments promptly and directly through the bank.  

Or if you prefer to mail out your payments, please send your payments promptly and directly to the accounting office located at:
Preferred Accounting Services, Inc
ATTN:  Ana Costales-Abiseid, CPA
6020 40 ST, Miami, FL 33155
If you normally pay your maintenance and assessments via online banking please continue to do so.  This message is NOT directed to those who already pay online.

I am posting this message to ensure that all who are eligible to vote remain eligible and avoid being disqualified for alleged failure to pay assessments.  

Any comments or questions, please email me at:

Monday, February 3, 2014

Compare Then and Now: Last Year's 60 Day Notice

I was looking through my records and I found last years 60-Day Notice for our Annual Meeting in 2013.  

Please compare the one I am showing below for last year (2013) to the one you received this year for 2014 which can found in a previous blog titled, Important Dates to Remember for Upcoming Elections.

The differences between then and now are remarkable.  It also demonstrates the bad-faith of the current Board and Management whose job it is to communicate these matters.   

The power-grab has indeed been successful. The Board is not planning on giving it up that easily which is evidenced by their disingenuous communications. 

They are scheming and hoping that you don't get involved.   The less you know and the less you participate the longer these despots can continue their reign of terror. Yes, that is what it feels like to me--terror.  What does it feel like to you?  

60-Day Notice sent out for 2013 Annual Meeting

Intent to Run for Board form included with 60-Day Notice

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Important Dates to Remember for Upcoming Elections

DISCLAIMER:  THIS IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE NOR SHOULD IT BE RELIED UPON AS SUCH. Check your by-laws for any specifics as it relates to your election process and requirements.  

According to the worksheet below these are the KEY dates for this upcoming election to be held on 27 March 2014.   Time and location presently are unknown.   

Please volunteer to take back control of your community and money.  Please volunteer to be on a committee and/or board seat for your building.   The time is NOW. 

If you have any comments, ideas, or suggestions, please send them to:

Official 60 day Notice received by me on 28 January 2014.
This notice reeks of trickery and deceptive tactics to somehow hinder potential candidates from being eligible to run for the board. How many items can you point out?  I have lost all faith and confidence in the board and management.   Their time is up!