Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Holiday: Security Hard at WORK Making Life Difficult for Unit Owners

The last thing I expected to do today was write a blog post.  However, after witnessing what has just occurred here at the Jaded Winds, I have no choice but to share with you yet another glaring example of the continued pattern of abuse at the hands of security and management. 

I was at home, chillaxing. All was quiet. The kids are playing and having fun.  Perfect conditions to savor the holiday.

But at the Jade Winds things operate, how should I say it, ummm...different.

a unit owner was unloading and carrying some items to his unit that he just purchased from Home Depot, security, within minutes, had his car towed away. The unit owner had left his car parked unattended in the center of the driveway since both deliveries spots were occupied. It was a temporary parking measure to accommodate his immediate needs.  It is a measure that harms no one except perhaps the ego and authority of the security guard. 

Shortly after that, security towed away another unit owner's vehicle that was parked in a delivery parking spot which on regular weekdays is typically prohibited M-F, 8a-4p.  But, today is not a regular weekday--it is a holiday. No deliveries allowed and hence the delivery parking restriction is not enforced on holidays. Or at least that is what reasonable people tend to believe. 

But as I already mentioned things operate differently at the Jaded Winds. 

To make matters worse, a vehicle that belongs to a renter was parked in another delivery parking spot just across the other delivery spot from where the unit owner vehicle was just towed.  While the unit owner who had his car parked in delivery had his car towed, the renter was allowed to leave his car parked there without any threat or attempt of being towed. The car remained there unabated all afternoon. Selective enforcement at it's worst, compliments of your assessment dollars at work.  

To make matters even worse, when the unit owner who had his car towed from delivery finally realized what had happened, he was obviously and justifiably upset.  He had a doctors appointment to attend to and now he had no car for that appointment. 

When security (actually a misnomer) arrived on the scene a few moments after there were some words exchanged between the unit owner and the security guard.  Security basically exited his golf cart and was postured for a fight.  He was inviting it. 

He is rude, unprofessional, arbitrary, and a cat's-paw.  A personal service aide for the manager. He has been compensated for his services with our operating funds.

Speaking of the manager, she showed up on the property a few minutes later as well. I saw her and her vehicle blocking the visitor entry gate .  When she saw me driving in on the owner side of the entry, she gave me "the bird" a wave of her middle finger, a nonverbal communication of love and affection. She is so kind. (sarcasm alert) 

My son was in my vehicle and saw it as well, the bird know no bounds.  Neither does the disrespect.  
Her actions and traits match those listed above for her security guard extraordinaire, her cat's-paw.    

Unit owners are tired of the abuse. Who do we complain to?  The same manager that is the source of our troubles and losses?  

How can we allow outsiders, who do not own or live here to control our lives and have such a negative impact on our quality of living? 
We don't need security guards to tow our cars, we need security to serve and protect our property.  
We don't need a manager that will curse us out but instead listen and respond to our needs. 

But as you may already know, things operate differently at the Jade Winds.  

This past weekend, the maintenance worker who has been allowed to rent and live here based solely on the manager's discretion without a lease and a reduced monthly rent ($750 for a 2/2 unit?!) was using the illegally (work without permit) built dumpster enclosure besides the condemned Tower to repair his vehicle that recently damaged the parking lot with a huge oil spill. That's chutzpah and so wrong on so many levels.   

If you doubt the veracity of anything that I have written here challenge me.   I have plenty of proof and most importantly THE TRUTH on my side.  Go ahead, make my day. 

You already ruined my (and other unit owners) holiday, again.

Shame on you.  Although I now believe you are not capable of such emotions.   


  1. I have heard many times the manager has cursed many unit owner's, but with a child that's beyond out of controll

    On the news latley, there has been many condo story's of missuse of funds and abuse of power, as per the agreement you have posted from miami dade, we have been robbed also, the money has been collected for the repairs, yet the work has not been done, we have been robbed!

  2. I see the feeble attempt at painting the Daisy building. Yes painting directly over unfinished concrete work, yet the manager remains and the construction goes unfinished. Love those bright X marks on the doors of the units, really classy.

  3. Any word on the aggreement between the county and the owners of units? For sure the board of directors or managment has not brought it to our attention! They dint answer the phone in the office, and to go to the office i take the chance its closed, or i get no answers, put it in writing? Why you wont answer so my putting it in writing just saves my neighbors money and saves a tree, makes me feel better. Any sign of the president or the board of directors?

  4. Yesterday I came home at around 7pm. The a**wipe workers are still making noise on their lift over by the C1 building. I complained to security. How unfair that I couldn't have comcast come out to install a box and a few cables on Labor Day which was a Monday, but these morons who pretend to be doing work can make noise past work hours?!
    These double standards are obnoxious

  5. Your story is unbelievable and disgusting. It makes me mad to read it. I couldn't imagine having to live it.
    I've had my frustrating experiences with the rules and the office - and I'm a renter.
    I couldn't imagine the exasperation of owning a unit in this place.
    I can see the benefits of JW - it could be beautiful.
    Did I see them putting some porches back up (after 2 years)? Does that count as a miracle?

    1. If someone stuck a knife in your back 12 inches and then sometime later pulled it out only 6 inches would you call them a miracle worker? I thinks not.

      While our situation isn't quite as dramatic the principle is the same. The knife is deep in our backs and the bleeding continues. A little work here and there is only a band-aid for what normally requires surgery...
      Everyone have a wonderful weekend...justice is ours but only through honest and earnest efforts at the truth.

    2. The miracle comment was sarcasm that didn't carry over in print.
      The fact that the porches have been unusable (literally) for years is criminal.

  6. Justice at this point would be the managment and board behind bars, think about it

    Locked in, knowing there is a outside with no access ( our terraces)

    Restricted visiting hours ( their parking rules which make it impossible for us to have visiters,

    No elevators they have to walk the steps ( as we do because our elevators dont work.

    A corrections officer who is there to keep you in line not to care of your needs ( security at jades winds)

    You never know who will be next to you, ( like us empty units, or renters that no one knows how they got there)

    The only thing prison has on jade winds unit owners is their gates close, ours do not!

    In jail we all pay for their mistakes. Just like the unit owners pay for the non compliance of managment and board of directors, we pay lawyers for their mistakes, we pay late fess for their tardyniss on paying our bills, we pay our bills time
    as unit owners how dare them pay fees from our pockets

    In jail you step out of line you get fined ( time added or confinment. In jade winds you get your tires slashed car ruined or money taken out of your pocket for fines that are unjust by so
    me spur of the moment made up rule or lie, or they just tow your car

    In jail they will do their time for the day to come for their releice, much like us my dear neighbors, we wait for our day of peace!

    At the end of the day we my friends are no diffrent than inmates, with donna mantin as the corrupted warden,

    I lay in wait for change, its comming, the shoe will be on the other foot, only we have shoes to change into they will have state issued flip flops

    How sad is the comparison to what they deserve and their just reward, to what the living conditions are here at jade winds? Not much

  7. Point and Case:

    This morning a JW resident had their car towed because it had a flat tire. Really? A Flat TIRE?! if anything, this is when a resident would need their parking more than ever but not in this Bizarro place.

    Instead, in typical fashion, instead of offering help and assistance, security had the car towed away. This is the type of unreasonable behavior that actually harms the residents-stress, time, and money--it is unacceptable.

  8. No more nasty management lady! New team on-board. Just happened this week I believe. Has anyone interacted with them for any reason yet? Curious to see the difference from how bad FirstService treated us.

    1. Dear god i hope your right about new management finally


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