Wednesday, March 12, 2014

No Notice, No Manager, No Service = NO Good; PERIOD.

Once again, I visited the office this morning with time-sensitive inquires for the property dictator err, manager.
Although she was at the office, she was once again "unavailable" to see me and answer my questions that only she can answer. 

Of course, I took advantage of the opportunity to once again document that the sole so-called official bulletin board of the Association has NOTHING posted on it.   Please note the date and time of photograph--not one item posted anywhere or at anytime. 

Professionally managed? No way, not at this notice, no manager, no service equals NO GOOD, period. 


  1. I have ro say one thing good about the manager, she has created so many troubles here at jade winds, that she has brought the owners together in unity, she cant put a agenda, together, she cant get a notice correct, or post minutes, she cant answer questions, or the phone, but she can get news stations to jadewinds on a daily basis! She has managed to delay the finishing of our buildings, she has managed to pretty much ruin every common element at jade winds,she has managed to let the buildings deteriate, she has even managed even the nicest of people to have nothing nice to say about her, she has managed to use security for her own personial protection, she manages to lie and avoid, and yes she also manages to come to jade winds and accomplish nothing but dissregard for unit owners and our quality of life!
    So thank you donna, thank you for creating such disscord amongust us, that we have come together as a community of neighbors, who have now formed friendships, shared knodledge, laughs, office horror storys, most of all you have managed to bring all of us to watch you, looking foward to election.

  2. Well said and oh so very true!!!

  3. Forget the manager, where are the board of directors? They are responsible for managments actions or inactions. I see the presidents wife behind the glass, why is she conducting business with the manager? She has no right to be there, that is called tresspaasing, where are the directors? Where are the meetings to discuss what is goibg on on our property? Why has everything become so secretive? Why do we have to put in a request to inquire about our homes, when it should be avaliiable to all of us as a opened book?a shrug of a shoulder from the recptionist is no longer acceptible, whoopie doo we got a presisents letter telling us how wonderfull he is? Giving us numbers that arent backed up in the budget, nor anywhere on paper, all this board has done was manage to put there hands in our pockets, outragious parking fess, assessments, taking away our amenities, no office services, no communication at all to the community, making a target of anyone who askes a question they dont want to answer, now i read that were not allowed to knock or bother a board of director? But yet they ask us to vote for them and do nothing for our community, no timely matter is ever considered towards the owners, but dont get your maintence in on time, and they are quick to fee you
    The association which all it is now seems to is a wife and manager, happens to be all of us, we must take back our respect,

  4. Daisy building no election materials delievered,today was the limit of the 14 day notice, please neighbors post your building and let us know weather or not u have received the mailing due today, strength in numbers,

  5. Also in the daisy building with 4 owners in the elevator, nothing from the the association, once again jade winds has not forfilled their obligation,i and my neighbors are putting in a call to first services, they are contracted for this service and all the services we are not receiving, many of us can not wait for the election,

  6. Still no election notice, march 17, but the buzz around jade winds is the manager wrote a thank you note to the board on our monies,and tips for your toilet bowl, but no voting instructions again our hard monies gone to waste! Whos paying for the hotel in aventura?

  7. You - residents are paying for the hotel who else?! Also what's this business I hear current board members don't have to be re elected if they choose to stay? What is this Cuba or Venezuela. . These current members change by law every day and do what ever they want with this corrupt management. .. I want clean house and fairness for all! We need someone with brains and common sense. .. I'm tired of seeing the news here every week and as always no comment from management and board!


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