Friday, December 27, 2013

I Got Fined...Now What? Part 2

So it's official or is it really? I have been fined (at least on paper) for something I didn't do and without due process as required by FS718.303. Someone must have..
bumped their head or had a bit too much of that Eggnog because this is CRAZY! Really?

A few things to consider here: 
1.  When was Preferred Accounting notified to impose these fines?
2.  Who notified Preferred to impose these fines? phone, email, or in person?
3.  Under what authority or capacity did this person notify Preferred? 
4.  Who else was present when Preferred was notified?
5.  Who from the board was notified of these to be imposed fines? 
6.  How were the names selected to impose these violations?  
7. Where is the evidence to support these alleged violations? 
8.  Does it appear that FS718.303 was followed in this matter? Notice, hearing, committee approval, etc. 
9.  How many other fines have been imposed this year? 
10.  What happens to any money collected?
11.  When will this be corrected?  Who pays for the corrections and expenses involved with this? 

Please feel free to comment and post your ideas.  

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