Friday, March 21, 2014

News Coverage Tonight at 11pm; Comcast Local Channel 9, HD Channel 442

Noticias23, will air a story about the Jade Winds on Comcast Channel 9 (HD Channel 442) at 11PM, tonight on their news program.

Please tune-in tonight and spread the word.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Unsafe Conditions, Blight, and Improper Use of Association Owned Units

A brief walk around the property reveals the many dangers and tell-tale signs of poor supervision and management. Too many unsafe conditions exist exposing the Association to potential liabilities and losses. Too much blight and too many obvious signs of neglect can not be ignored. 

If somebody gets hurt under these conditions who do you think will be responsible?  In others words, who pays the price for the someone that is not doing their job? 

By the way, who is responsible for ensuring that these unsafe conditions are corrected?  

Daisy #126: Owned by the Association; Used by Others. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Continuing Violations? Not Enforced? Yes Way!

Below are good examples of continuing violations. Both of these examples have been like this for weeks, if not longer. I wonder if any actions has been taken against these unit owners?  

If Management was truly concerned with enforcing the rules fairly and promoting a healthy, safe, and pleasant environment then these are the types of violations that need to be addressed--not with fines but rather with courtesy notices at first. If compliance is not achieved that way then stronger letters should be used.  If after several attempts of stronger letters compliance is still not reached, then and only then should fines be considered and then only in accordance with FS 718.303 and any other applicable laws, proper notice, committees, etc. 

Fines should not be used as a form punishment but rather as a tool to force compliance by unit owners or even the Association, etc. Fines should also be reasonable and appropriate for the violations cited.

Can you think any violation that calls for fines exceeding thousands of dollars?  I can not think of too many but soon I will post some other examples of what can and should be given Notices of Violations. Fines should be imposed only if absolutely necessary and only if all other methods of forcing compliance have been exhausted beforehand. 

Unfortunately, to the detriment of this Association as a whole, I and others have not been afforded that opportunity.  
I have pictures of this same scene from weeks ago--this is an ongoing and continuing violation. A basic walk through of the property by staff would reveal these obvious violations yet they continue unabated.  Why?    

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Failed Community--Shame on You!

I was going to write a much longer blog post but then I realized that I didn't need to.  The answer is obvious; the thing speaks for itself.  

In short, if this Association believed that it was within it's duty and that it had the right and obligation to improperly and unreasonably fine one of it's members thousands of dollars, or more specifically, and handful of dissenting unit-owners, thousands of dollars, some unit-owners, even up to $7,000, yes $7,000 then ultimately the Association with and via its Management has FAILED this community, terribly!

When one inquires into the reasons why, the manner in which it was done, and the persons targeted and the families affected then it becomes even more apparent. The Association has indeed FAILED this community.

Shame on you Jade Winds Association Inc Board Members for allowing this to happen. Shame on you for not standing up to and stopping what is obviously wrong and obviously unreasonable and obviously unjust and not within the spirit or intent of the law, common sense and good practice.

Go ahead-- go and feel the pulse of the people of this community, I challenge you...I dare you. 

Go ahead Board Members, talk to your neighbors, talk to your realtors, talk to your contractors, talk to your vendors, and fellow unit-owners and tenants instead of talking to attorneys who only bill the Association, tremendously.  Ask your neighbors, are they happy with the direction of this community? 

The answer will be clear--the thing INDEED speaks for itself.  

Nevertheless we who have been wronged shall prevail. Time will surely tell. 

Finally--Notices Posted!

L to R:  Budget Info; Manager's Letter; Second Notice of Annual Meeting/Elections 
Ok, I give credit where credit is due... the visiting team (management and associates) finally scores one point; they finally posted SOMETHING on the bulletin board.  Applause. 

However, sadly and in typical fashion, they faulted--and how!  

Details to follow soon.  

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

No Notice, No Manager, No Service = NO Good; PERIOD.

Once again, I visited the office this morning with time-sensitive inquires for the property dictator err, manager.
Although she was at the office, she was once again "unavailable" to see me and answer my questions that only she can answer. 

Of course, I took advantage of the opportunity to once again document that the sole so-called official bulletin board of the Association has NOTHING posted on it.   Please note the date and time of photograph--not one item posted anywhere or at anytime. 

Professionally managed? No way, not at this notice, no manager, no service equals NO GOOD, period. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Taste of Jade Winds (in Pictures)

All these pictures were taken today.  This is some of the deficiencies I see on my short travel to and fro the management office seeking assistance. 

I did not include other pictures that I may have taken any other days such as the green slime found in abundance in the small pond by Bamboo or the broken and hazardous walkway on the same path.  

I did not include pictures of the boarded up windows behind the Bamboo pool or the exposed and deteriorated electrical surrounding the pool area.  

This is just a snapshot (pun intended) of a day in the life at Jade Winds--typical.  

Thick glass makes for poor communication and business.  (Actual Time is 844) 

Property Manager unavailable to answer questions that only she can or is able to answer although she is present at the office she is unavailable to answer my pressing and time-sensitive inquiries.  The single front desk personnel (we are paying for two persons for the front office) and even assistant manager, are not empowered to answer key questions that unit owners may have, such as:  the status of the so-called rental list, official records requests, questions about certain recently made committees, etc. 

Manager was not available for me and others today.  I visited the office two more times today with no success.    

Security personnel show little concern and care for property and even less for certain unit owners and residents. (Notice the wear on the landscaping from the carts.) 

I have been waiting for weeks to hear from management about a complaint I submitted, as of today no response to my complaints and concerns.  Yet management is able to send out arbitrary violation letters and notices for hearings for fines which reek of selective enforcement.   

No workers present; unsafe and hazardous conditions; unchecked. 

No workers present; unsafe and hazardous conditions; unchecked.

Alternate angle; same scene. 

This has been like since at least November 2013.  Why?
A rope? Really? Is this pool open or closed?  

Unfinished business; Unsafe Conditions. Why? 

No workers present; unsafe and hazardous conditions; unchecked-17 minutes later.

No workers present; unsafe and hazardous conditions; unchecked-17 minutes later.

No workers present; unsafe and hazardous conditions; unchecked-17 minutes later.

This has been the scene here for at least two weeks.  Why?

Hedges damaged today by security personnel driving their golf cart.  He was focused on the wrong thing which is typical here at Jade Winds.  

A closer look at the damage caused by security personnel.

Management office rear entrance.  Unsafe and poor conditions-unchecked.

Management office rear entrance.  Unsafe and poor conditions-unchecked.

Potentially beautiful landscape feature ruined with debris and lack of care.

Debris I found surrounding office area.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

This Week: Second Notice of Annual Meeting/Election on It's Way

The Second Notice of Annual Meeting/Election is to be mailed out this week by the Association/Management (I don't know the difference between the two anymore) on or before March 13, 2014. There you will find the list of candidates and their info sheet, if submitted, and the voting materials such as ballots and envelopes.  Also, most importantly, we will be informed as to TIME and LOCATION of the Annual Meeting and Elections.  I suspect it will not be held here on the Association property but rather elsewhere, perhaps at a local hotel or other facility that can accommodate large numbers of people.   

I believe that it is imperative that ALL unit-owners attend this meeting and elections, especially this year with all that has happened and is happening at the Jade Winds. Please mark your calendars. This is the one meeting you do not want to miss. 

The Annual Meeting is a meeting of the members. This meeting will grant you the opportunity to speak and be heard and listen to others do the same.  As long as people remain civil, respectful and well-fed with lots of food, the meeting should prove to be productive and effective in advancing the Association's business.  I'm looking forward to seeing you all out there. (Bring a Snickers bar, just in case--too many "divas" in one room can prove difficult.)

After the Annual Meeting it is the Elections.  

I will be following up with another blog soon with further details from a professional source on preparing the ballots, envelopes, proxy information, etc to ensure that we as unit-owners attend the meeting and elections effectively and informed.  

Please post any comments, ideas, or suggestions below or you can email them to: