Thursday, June 5, 2014

"Trust Me..I'm from the Management and Board!"

In response to what Miami-Dade County posted on the Camellia's this is what the management had to say (above) 

Please read this notice that was posted on the Jade Winds office door this date by the mis-Management.

While it is true that you will most likely NOT be vacated from your home (YET) it is possible, especially if this Board and Management DO NOT ACT FAST and RESPONSIBLY. However, as you may have already noticed, that is NOT LIKELY to happen from this Administration!

And while the Notice to Vacate is normal in a procedural sense, it is NOT NORMAL for a healthy and responsible condo Association to have posted for it's failure to act spanning years time as proven by the FACTS (not gossip) of this case. (See below for more details)   

And just to clarify--the Notice to Vacate is for both Camellia buildings, C1 and C2.  Management had the notices removed to mislead you and keep you in the dark with regards to your property and it's affairs.

Allamanda 1 is next for the same fate, followed by Easter Lily. 

Of course, your management and certain Board members have a proven track record and propensity to mislead. 
(Just think back to the election notices elections, and ballots in March 2014, the improper amending of the governing documents in September 2013, and your special assessments and how they are/were to be used such as illumination, paving, fencing something that hardly occurred and hence the problems were are facing now.)

However, if you want to know the facts you can read them for yourself at the link below.  

General Searches: 
Click this Link for Miami Dade County Permit and/or Unsafe Structures search link

For this case for Camellia, click link below:

Search by address, for example: 1770 NE 191 ST
Search by your own building number such as 1660 or 1700 NE 191 ST. 

Here are a few pertinent facts from this current case and issue. Please read below.  (The whole case can be read by using link above.)

279L COMPLETION INSPECTION PERMIT NOT FINALED - INTERNAL AGREEMENT NON-COMPLIANCE5/19/20145/19/20145/22/2014On 2-20-2014 meeting Mr. Monte Lee requested to Association Pres. to forward the revised completion dates, but to date no records of such document recorded on this Case�.Permit # 2011022387 still active, but no records of approved final inspection�

114 MEETING WITH CUSTOMER2/20/20142/20/2014Met with Santiago Perez, President of the Association, Donna Martin, property manager and Carlos Mungria, assistant property manager and discussed the current status of this case and their need to provide additional time to resolve this case and the one addressing the property at 1660, I suggested they forward revised completion dates for all three buildings addressed by this Agreement so that a revised Agreement can be prepared and I reviewed the costs that will need to be addressed. We also discussed the current status of the case involving the building at 1700 that is scheduled for Board action on 3/19/2014 and the need to come to that meeting with a proposed completion date for work currently being under taken under the two Building 01 permits and the required electrical permit to address 40 year repairs. 

109H INTERNAL AGREEMENT BILLING SUBMITTED TO FUS8/6/20138/6/2013Issued an as of today cost in the amount of $1,747.69 and $500.00 Direct Damage. Total payment due $2,247.69.
53J PERMIT NOT OBTAINED - BOARD/PANEL ORDER NON-COMPLIANCE2/23/20122/23/20122/26/2012 No electrical permits have been issued to address all the 40-year electrical repairs as per reports for both bldg A and B. (Strutural repairs are been addressed under bldg-01 permit#2011022387 for A & Bldg-01 permit#2011022194 for B. The electrical-01 permit#2011000219 issued for A does not covers all the 40-year required electrical repairs. There are not electrical permits for B.)

However, please keep in mind that this is the same management that has FAILED with the simplest yet probably the most needed of items with respect to health and safety...Doggie Bags for POOP!!  Yes, something so simple like having bags available for pet owners has been neglected for weeks. True or False? 

Never mind the big ticket items such as: 

  • responding to the DBPR orders for new board elections
  • providing ledgers and estoppel letters to sellers and unit owners
  • providing our year end financial reports (SHOW me the MONEY, a legal requirement)
  • having an Association attorney to work for the Association members and not a few bad apples 
  • responding to and fulfilling records requests as required by law
  • responding to lawsuits such as Arbitration cases for various violations
  • completing ONGOING construction projects
  • processing payments received and keeping an Accounting firm that is responsive to our needs, not that of the manager. ( I can't wait to see the audited financial report for 2013, it was due for availability as May 1, 2014 but as usual the Board and Management has failed with that also) 
  • managing the rentals of Association units (no more illegal rentals please you hypocrites!!)
so on and so forth.  

Oh and one last thing--and it's ironic indeed.

One thing that this administration has been successful in accomplishing is striking fear into people. The heavy hand of the "Gorilla in Pants" has many people fearful of what will happen next. People are scared to speak up in fear of being FINED.  People are afraid to take pictures of violations or whatever in fear of being FINED.   People are afraid to ask too many questions in fear of being targeted by the management. 

Don't allow your rights to be infringed any longer.  Don't allow yourself to be victimized any longer. Do NOT be afraid any longer of the tyranny, irresponsibility, and bad-faith of this administration. 

I suggest a peaceful gathering of unit owners to address these matters.   

Send me an email with your ideas and suggestions.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Building Violations at Critical Stage while Management Out of Office

This was posted on the Camelia building yesterday by Miami Dade County Building Support Section, Unsafe Structures.    

It was removed by an Association employee this morning.