Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Continuing Violations? Not Enforced? Yes Way!

Below are good examples of continuing violations. Both of these examples have been like this for weeks, if not longer. I wonder if any actions has been taken against these unit owners?  

If Management was truly concerned with enforcing the rules fairly and promoting a healthy, safe, and pleasant environment then these are the types of violations that need to be addressed--not with fines but rather with courtesy notices at first. If compliance is not achieved that way then stronger letters should be used.  If after several attempts of stronger letters compliance is still not reached, then and only then should fines be considered and then only in accordance with FS 718.303 and any other applicable laws, proper notice, committees, etc. 

Fines should not be used as a form punishment but rather as a tool to force compliance by unit owners or even the Association, etc. Fines should also be reasonable and appropriate for the violations cited.

Can you think any violation that calls for fines exceeding thousands of dollars?  I can not think of too many but soon I will post some other examples of what can and should be given Notices of Violations. Fines should be imposed only if absolutely necessary and only if all other methods of forcing compliance have been exhausted beforehand. 

Unfortunately, to the detriment of this Association as a whole, I and others have not been afforded that opportunity.  
I have pictures of this same scene from weeks ago--this is an ongoing and continuing violation. A basic walk through of the property by staff would reveal these obvious violations yet they continue unabated.  Why?    


  1. WOW - Delusional Donna

    Which contact lenses or glasses are you wearing that prevent your seeing the slum-like tenement conditions of the torn apart terraces, moldy walls and elevators of Camelia, Daisy, and Easter Lily bulidings?

    The terraces of Daisy facing Miami Gardens Drive are a blight on the North Miami Beach skyline.
    Anyone wishing to confirm this can walk or drive through the 1600-1700 numbers of Sky Lake condos off Miami Gardens Drive and view the lovely sight!

    The completed buildings are lovely? The "office" you illegally occupy in Easter Lily does indeed look lovely.

    How many THOUSANDS did you spend on the mirror glass panels installed, to prevent anyone from seeing your activities inside, at all hours, day or night? No expense spared for you and your staff, and unauthorized people as a hiding haven.

    This, all done at the expense of hundreds of residents, prohibited access to their terraces, forcing them to pay high electric bills for two years, due to your gross neglect!

    Were the workers even paid? Is Americus still employed by Jade Winds?

    Or did Americus, like Best Roofing, put a lien on against the Association?

    Your "fired" lawyer Ross Toyne, in his motion to withdraw, filed a Charging Lien in court, (meaning he has not been paid by the Association.) This is public record.

    How many more liens are there, Donna?

    Jade Winds Residents: Please be aware: If you are selling your unit, and there is a lien against the Association, this will affect your sale!

    Donna, if this is your idea of wonderful achievements,
    somewhere your visual impairment and judgment require extensive repair!

    Bravo - Delusional Donna!

  2. Proverbs 28. 28 "The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion".


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