Friday, March 21, 2014

News Coverage Tonight at 11pm; Comcast Local Channel 9, HD Channel 442

Noticias23, will air a story about the Jade Winds on Comcast Channel 9 (HD Channel 442) at 11PM, tonight on their news program.

Please tune-in tonight and spread the word.


  1. Unit owners have been inviting media to attend the election, were not alone, and were just starting to scratch the surface of the corruption of the board of directors and managment! I wonder if the media will be fined for knocking on the doors of board members with any concerns, as it states in the rules and regulations, were being held hosttage by their unconstutional rules, let the media take their pictures and knock they are not in jepordy of losing there property! We need answers and they need to uphold their accountibilty as a member of the board!

  2. Can u please post the story, i became aware after it was previewed, bravo keep up the good work!

  3. Whats with all this staggering crap? Unit owners have the right to vote for who they want and trust, not who are glued to their seats year after year and have jepordized our property, bravo to all who have put their name in to be a candadate,

  4. What's this business I hear current board members don't have to be re elected if they choose to stay? What is this Cuba or Venezuela. . These current members change by law every day and do what ever they want with this corrupt management. .. I want clean house and fairness for all! We need someone with brains and common sense. .. I'm tired of seeing the news here every week and as always no comment from management and board!

  5. I just called the Marriott, the room capacity for the meeting is 72 people.

    Please arrange carpools, rides, help to get your neighbours out and vote!

    If you want peace at Jade Winds, you need to get there and vote. Do not trust your ballots in care of Donna!

    It's worth the half day off work. It's very important to encourage everyone to get to the Marriott and vote.

    Maybe then we can start liviing like normal peple, again.

  6. Never received the second notice by mail.

  7. Many of us have not received any notice fist or 2nd thanks to this blog we get atleat some association materials from the posts, no matter it is all a mystery to all of us, and just wrong, but we no longer accept it with out question,


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