Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Finally--Notices Posted!

L to R:  Budget Info; Manager's Letter; Second Notice of Annual Meeting/Elections 
Ok, I give credit where credit is due... the visiting team (management and associates) finally scores one point; they finally posted SOMETHING on the bulletin board.  Applause. 

However, sadly and in typical fashion, they faulted--and how!  

Details to follow soon.  


  1. Why are our ballots in care of donna mantin? I have never seen that before?

  2. Fyi people the marriott residence in, only has a capasity of 25, now what there are more than 25 people running for the board, annual metting of our community? How? There trying to keep us away!!!
    Dont allow your rights to be trampled on by poor judgment, make sure u attend!


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