Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Unofficial Jade Winds Association Info Page

Jade Winds Association Community Information Sheet

Stay Informed, Know Your Rights, and Take Control of your community

I have created this blog to discuss and share ideas about the Jade Winds Association Inc.  I have included links that I believe can and will help us achieve a community where we, the unit owners and residents come first..
 Knowledge is power so please study, learn, and share with others what you can. This is my first step in achieving that goal.  
Please keep all comments as fair and accurate as possible.  This blog is not intended to attack other people and spread rumors and gossip but rather to collect and share hard facts, evidence, and proof of what is good and bad about our community. Please act accordingly.

Thank you for visiting and please spread the word as much as you can about this blog.   

Jade Winds Association Management Company, FIRST SERVICE RESIDENTIAL Website:  

To obtain your log-in credentials, contact the JWA office at 305.945.0178 or 305.949.4816 or 
On this website you are supposed to find the JWA by-laws along with other records and information for our association, such as work orders, contracts, minutes of board meetings, etc.

Florida Statute 718, Condominiums, 2013:  
This is the Florida statute that governs all condominium operations, boards, notices, etc. All associations must follow these laws. Learn them.

Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation:
At this site you can verify a professional license for professional engineers, general contractors, and licensed condominium managers and file a complaint if needed.

Click below to File a Complaint against your CAM:

Request to Access Association Records Form: 
This form along with the instructions is key to request access to inspect and/or obtain copies of official records of the Jade Winds Association, Inc.  Use it.

Office of the Condominium Ombudsman:
"It is the mission of the Office of the Condominium Ombudsman to improve the quality of life for Florida condominium owners through prompt, professional and courteous service as a neutral, informative and accessible resource." –Office Mission Statement 

Other helpful links and online info:

TIP:  Remember to always take well-written notes of any and all incidents, concerns, and complaints you may have. Take pictures and/or videos, get full names, dates, and phone numbers whenever possible to support your notes.  Evidence and proof is what is needed to make change; collect it and use it.  

This is our home and community and we pay for everything in it.  Each one of us can work together to make this community a better place to live, work, and enjoy.  

Please comment with any suggestions, ideas, and/or concerns.  I want to hear and share all that you have to say.  
Updated 12.22.13


  1. You need to get a log from the police they have been present at the protests, and the letter put out by jade winds managment is making falce alligations. Metro dade finds their letter unfounded, and unit owners are within their rights to protest peacefully. Also send a copy to first service

    1. Thanks for your comments. However, I must say...Do not count on help from anyone but yourself. This association is out of control with the wild allegations and imposing fines without due process.The police can help at this point, perhaps later on they will. In the meantime, we need people to volunteer for committees and board positions who are willing to work together and make reasonable decisions that best serve the community. We can not count one any one person but rather all together we can make the changes we need. Please keep reading and posting your comments. They are much appreciated.

  2. For any one intrested, brouse miami herald jadewinds, you will find a story by help me howard, bottom line managment never responded, artical reads as there is a male manager, managers must have a cam licence, intrestring reading, at the end of the day we as unit owners pay for mangment turning a deaf ear and a blind eye!!!!

  3. Hello, My name is Peter Orlowski and I am asking you to vote for me. I live in Camilla one and I tired of these dishonest practices by our board. If you are reading this blog you are the people I want votes from. I ran a 80 unit condo for 4 years. I fired the management company and with the help of honest board members we turned our building around. I delt with deposits and payments, permits needed and helped our building pass our 40 year recertification. Please vote for Peter Orlowski and tell your friends and family in Camilla.
    Thank you Peter

  4. Great website for all Jade Wind owners.

  5. Hi, I am a new owner but heard that after the 2 years it's very hard to recover the $2000 deposit I gave. Can you please share your experience with that?

  6. Please! I warn you Please, do not move into here! I promise it will be the worst decision you make! They keep raising the prices for maintenance and there is nothing getting done. This place looks so Horrible! Makes you wonder where is are money going to? There is this one short security Hispanic security who is a nazi officer! Most of the other guards are on Facebook or watching Netflix. Which I have seen with my own eyes. There was also this one guard that actually knocked on my door and asked me for my number! The parking is horrible the other day I spent two hours waiting for a guest parking. The people in the office can never talk to you or even answer your questions. When you ask to speak to the manger its always that she or he is busy or can't talk. The other day my mother caught a flat tire inside of Jade Winds and the security guard said if she is not able to get the tire fixed they will tow her car! SMH it's just RIDICULOUS! So please think again before you move in here! JADE WINDS IS A FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!

  7. hello
    i need a move in application , where do i get one ?please help.

  8. Professional Association Management Services We provide back office and administrative services for not for profits. We take the time consuming and routine tasks such as subscription management, supplier payment and even inquiry responses from you. We do this in such a seamless way as if the responses came from your organization. We leave you more time to focus on your ideas and reasons you joined - to make a difference. In addition, we take care of minutes of meetings, compliance, insurances and therefore enhance governance for you, your mission and your members.


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