Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Are the JWA Rules and Regulations Valid?

I recently found and read an online newsletter that was discussing a condominium Board's authority and responsibilities when adopting Rules and Regulations.

As you may already know, our Board of Directors have somehow been granted this rule-making authority and subsequently adopted a new set of Rules and Regulations in July 2012. Putting aside any question of how those Rules & Regulations were adopted but then revised and amended and more importantly by whom-- I ask you to read the current JWA Rules & Regulations keeping in mind the following "tests" outlined below:  

So now that you have read the article above how do you feel about our current Rules and Regulations here at the Jade Winds?  

Did they pass the "tests?" 
Are the rules reasonable? 
Do the rules conflict with any governing documents?  
Was proper notice given if the issue of "unit use" was to be affected?  etc.

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.  


  1. Some other reading materials found here:

  2. Big fail for jadewinds, a request waa put in to the dbpr, after all attempts made contacting the office, to see the supposed vote of changing the bilaws, the reason for doubt of the vote, no one i know of ever received voting materials or any information, thats good enough for me to question the vote, allot of fishy business going on at jadewinds! Im still waiting to see when there will be a budget meeting!


    Read their rule pertaining to rental and read this blog after going to the address above then tell me if you think what they are doing righteous.

  4. At the end of the day it all comes down to the board of directors, we all know ours is useless, and anyone new comes in with high energy and new ideas, i have listened to sandra fox make this speech for the last 14 years!!!! Its the board members who sit year after year who block any progress or ideas, they dont want to do anything,
    First service says managment takes direction from the board, well managment is very happy not to have direction.
    So here is a idea, we have to clean house, get all new boardmembers, no more they run unopposed and just keep their seats!!!
    We the people who care have to run for the board,its ok if u dont have all that much time, the board puts in no time at all now!! As u can see its pretty much all spelled out for us which the moderator of this blog puts up for us on a daily basis, its time people step up, its pretty simple, dont bring any personial vendettas to being on the board, phones get answered, complaints get filed and followed up, condo business should be a opened book, agendas, minutes, announcmentd, construction, sales of apts, rental of apts, if you dont like it change it, i can gaurentee the residentd will appreaciate the help, and respect the fact of change is good, if not for anything elce we xan have the office opened and the phones answered!!! Please please run for the board for change, there are 16 or 18 members of the board, if every member stepped up for 1 month you really have the year covered, its really simple u get a agenda learn whats on it, attend the meetings ( phonr and video chat is now considered attending a meeting) take a vote and its as easy as that, but first there has to be a meeting!!!being a board member should be rewarding when u are there to listen and help!!! Take pride in your homes! WE CAN MAKE IT RIGHT, WE HAVE TO CLEAN HOUSE!!!!!

    1. Thank you-- Amen and Ase!
      You have the right idea and attitude. And all that you have described is exactly what it is going to take to make it happen and get the change that we so desperately need and deserve.

      You said it perfectly. It is time for unit owners to step up and get involved.

  5. Im respect to most owners i know, we have all tried to step up, the board and mangement has akways shot it down so its for certin its not lack of energy or trying, if the moderater of this blog is willing to take names ir nunbers of people willing to step up, we can maybe start now with gettung to know the issues, and working on a soulition just a suggestion

  6. out with the old and in with the new! When is the next election, does anyone know. Also where is the budget meeting?

  7. Very good question, we have all been asking the same question, the budget meeting is well overdue! The first notice of the annuial election should be on its way already, ( doubt that) but with this issue there is a law they will be breaking, as per the omni budsman, the election is to be held the same time every year, and here at jade winds they seem to push it later and later, i know the cut off for intent to runs for the board is in feb, so they better get on it
    IF YOU INTEND TO RUN FOR THE BOARD MAKE IT YOUR BUSINESS TO GET TO THE OFFICE AND CHECK YOUR UP TO DATE, the whole fiasiko of the bs fines was to have the people in arrears so they couldent vote or run for the board so please check for your own peice of mind!!!

  8. Another good question where will the meetings be held??? Its going on 1 year since the tower has been closed, where have the meetings been held if there even was any meetings! Its scary to think of letting the board members off the hook so easily, but my feelings are they have to much to hide so they will do any and all to protect their seat on the board, we and i say we because Its US that can make it happen!!!

  9. It is very disheartening to believe people would go to such lengths to complicate something that is so simple. Yes challenges exist but all that is really necessary is transparency. So many individuals and families are effected and so many lives are changed, perhaps forever. Treat people the way you yourself would like to be treated. It is so sad the most common courtesies are being ignored, somethings as simple as answering a telephone. I often wonder how some people are able to look at themselves in the mirror. I do believe what goes around comes around and I am confident unkind people have a very special place reserved just for them.


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