Friday, January 24, 2014

Apathy is the Worst Enemy

In a blog posted today titled, ANNUAL MEETINGS? A REQUIREMENT BY STATUTES! Jan Bergemann, founder of writes the following:

APATHY is the worst enemy of creating a nice owner-friendly community.

A little piece of advice to all the owners who say that “they don’t want to get involved”: You are involved since the moment you bought into the community – for better or for worse. Your lack of involvement allows other members to create sometimes dictatorial rules. “Dictators” can only rule if the majority of owners is silent and “doesn’t want to get involved.” Recalls and elections are a great tool to get rid of “dictators.”

Not getting involved can cost you lots of money. Make sure you go to the meetings and have your voice – and vote – heard – or stop complaining and just write the checks when the “dictators” are wasting more of your money!

He is correct. 

One reader of this blog wrote the following comment yesterday:  

At the end of the day it all comes down to the board of directors, we all know ours is useless, and anyone new comes in with high energy and new ideas, i have listened to sandra fox make this speech for the last 14 years!!!! Its the board members who sit year after year who block any progress or ideas, they dont want to do anything,
First service says managment takes direction from the board, well managment is very happy not to have direction.So here is a idea, we have to clean house, get all new boardmembers, no more they run unopposed and just keep their seats!!!We the people who care have to run for the board,its ok if u dont have all that much time, the board puts in no time at all now!! As u can see its pretty much all spelled out for us which the moderator of this blog puts up for us on a daily basis, its time people step up, its pretty simple, dont bring any personial vendettas to being on the board, phones get answered, complaints get filed and followed up, condo business should be a opened book, agendas, minutes, announcmentd, construction, sales of apts, rental of apts, if you dont like it change it, i can gaurentee the residentd will appreaciate the help, and respect the fact of change is good, if not for anything elce we xan have the office opened and the phones answered!!! Please please run for the board for change, there are 16 or 18 members of the board, if every member stepped up for 1 month you really have the year covered, its really simple u get a agenda learn whats on it, attend the meetings ( phonr and video chat is now considered attending a meeting) take a vote and its as easy as that, but first there has to be a meeting!!!being a board member should be rewarding when u are there to listen and help!!! Take pride in your homes! WE CAN MAKE IT RIGHT, WE HAVE TO CLEAN HOUSE!!!!!

This person is correct.  

Bottom line is: 

APATHY is INDEED the worst enemy of creating a nice owner-friendly community.

Don't be your own worst enemy and then want to point fingers at someone else when things go wrong.  Get up and get involved somehow and someway--there is much work to do. 


  1. Ok here is how it works plaine and simple,
    The fines sent out first was a waste of our money, We payed for evwry copy every stamp and the so called attorneys approval ( google a rate of a opinion letter from a attorney your hair will stand on end)
    Common sence in reading this blog for free says its illegal. It cost us thousands!!
    The offer of 1000 dollars reward, did any one get it???? We payed for that also
    The famous gate the board installed, that is hitting cars left and right, the managnent ignores all responsibilty, it goes to court it costsUS thousands to defend bad managment fix the cars and maintain a bad gate!
    The managment pays late bills, cause the executive board dosent sign the checks in a timely matter, WE Pay the late charges
    They hire a unlicenced worker, WE pay the voilation, they dont get the election out in time, we WE Pay the violation, the managment and board is a liabilty to all of us, we pay for their mistakes, WE CAN NO

  2. I was at a board meeting and a proposial was being made for elevatots, one and i Say only 1 said hey wait a minute jade winds has 11 elevators not 15 the price was for 15. The boardmember was yelled and screemed at by other members they called the police on her and voted her off the board, most of those members are still on the board signing checks!!! Do u know who is signing checks? Are they checking and double checking? Are we paying managment for full days of work? Did mangment give themselfs holiday bonuses? If mangment is not wprking is the cleaning staff working while the xats away yhe rats play, all down the line, board dont care, or give direction no one elce cares, than security says oh u have to talk to the office full well knowiing the office is closed!

  3. OK. So you had enough of jade winds and want out
    Good luck getting a realitor to even want to deal with jade winds
    Be ready to pay the parking fees to the realitor
    Than hope there is a guest parking spot
    Than hope by the time they walk from guest parking your elevator is working! Then if they even make it to your beautiful home with some breath,try to explaine why a 40 year inspection due in 2009 is still not compleated (managment& the board of directors)
    Than try to get your asking price, no one will buy in this condition!
    0k so u cant sell
    Most of us can not afforrd to just go get another home with out selling ot renting this property
    So you try to rent this out again
    Good luck! go to the office your told there is a waiting list to rent your apartment ( baloney if u met the requirements of owning for 1 year there is no list, than ask to see the list, no managment refuses to show any list, than you are told a number you are on the list, but you can not see even behind the prison glass with out touching the list you still can not see any list!!
    Than after all this nonsence good luck dealing with the paper work, screenings, and just having the office available to answer any questions or scedule moving in or out, go

  4. Thank you to all who read and post their comments on this blog. I really appreciate it.
    However, I am realizing that most people only write about the problem but few write about solutions.
    We are approaching election time and we need to get organized and ready to get involved with condo business. Volunteers are needed for committees and board seats.

    Also, we need the volunteer services of specialized skills such as web designers and IT guys, accountants, contractors, architects, lawyers, and related fields who can help us see through the problems that we are facing here. A little bit of advice will go a long way with the association.

    Please people....step up and let yourself be known. The time is NOW!!!!!!!

    1. Moderater, you have abled us a wonder full forum to learn and voice, we are at our first step checking in and reading is more concern than people in charge show now! We do care maybe your blog has formed the first committie for the better of jade winds! I like and agree with all i have seen on here, and its all the truth, so i am in! Lets get it together! Time is now!

  5. Hello
    I was at the office lucky to find it opened, i had a couple of simple questions
    When is the next meeting
    Where will the meeting be held
    Who is on the board of directors
    When will the first notice of election be put out
    A paper and pen was slid out threw the little slot and i was told to put it in writing. Wtf it should be plastered all over the property in view for everyone as the law suggests and the documents demand!
    So i went to sunbiz, org and clicked on jadewinds to find only 11 directors regestered with the state, i beleive 13 is the minimum amount needed,and i question 2 names listed, i do not beleive them to be on the board, or even on the ballot is managment now picking people off the street? But i do see sandra fox, and florence poreetsky jessie bergman year after year, and it seems everyone elce drops out! Anyone elce see a horrible pattern? Last 5 years this property has gone to the dogs with sandra fox always sitting in the vice president seat !check for yourselvs its all there! Less services more money, same managment and board members, we have to take over our homes, you check your receipts for a 40 cent savings, and clip a coupon for 100 off, but yet we let the same people year after year waste thousands and thpusands of dollars on no decisions or bad judgment it has to stop,our monies go to the tower, the office, to the gym,the saunas, the party room,the pool room,the libaray, the pools, the elevators, do we get anything we pay for??but we have to pay, why cant we get our due???? When will we get our due? Im sure some of us will be happy with a simple answer as to when we can go out on our balconys?and have our quality of life back?im sure most of us would even be happy to have our phone xalls returned, or find the office opened during business hours! We pay for this, so next time u read a sale circular or clip a coupon think about your home and the thousands beibg wasted! By the same people year after year!
    Another question there is a charge to regester your pet! Where is this money recorded and who is following up to make sure all pets are regestered?

  6. First notice???? Any one see a place or time? Is it a first notice? Or more incompedence by managment or kack of!!
    Presidents letter in dec says installed security camers, today the letter states in the process od being installed? Which is it? Please if your going to lie and waste our monies get your lies straight! Run for the board people thats the only way to Stop the waste!!!!!

  7. Yes i am concerned if there is no time or place for this meeting is it going to be a meeting or a stall to not have a election. What are they up to


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