Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Post Holiday Summary

Hello All.  

I have taken a few days off to try to enjoy the holidays but unfortunately that wasn't possible. I have lots to write about.

One of those things includes..

writing about parking. More specifically how some workers are allowed to enter the property at anytime of the day or evening and park their cars without any problems/passes. (I have proof!) Also on the list is how unreasonable the parking fees and enforcement of those fees are with respect to unit owners who may have family visiting, a change of vehicle, etc. Its ridiculous. 

Each day I went to the office somebody was there either paying or trying to get money back for a vehicle. Its excessive and unreasonable.

Another topic is the absent management. How many days and hours off are they going to take? Who allows this and how are these times off agreed to? It excessive and unreasonable. And as far as answers, you can never get a straight answer because this management does what it wants. The front staff are nice but not very helpful.

I can't believe the office was closed but a box was left outside to collect (take) our money. Taxation without representation? Ha! Sure feels like it.
This place is like the wild wild west (better yet the wild wild winds) ruthless folks taking money, breaking the rules, and running wild without restrain and regard to law.

Lastly, I am waiting on two records request that were submitted to management. We have a right by law to inspect our condo records. Management has the obligation to provide these records. More to follow on this as I know they will drop the ball on this.

Some much more to speak on but I will leave it here for now.   

I wish you all a Happy New Years.  The work has just begun. 

PS- I was driving to work the other day after leaving the management office.  I was feeling a bit discouraged because of what I have seen at the office and seen around this community: workers, security, etc.   It's shameful how far off-path we are.   At that moment this song came on the radio...I think it is quite appropriate.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  (It's a classic for sure!) 

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