Friday, January 17, 2014

I Got Fined...Now What? Part 3

She said, "Now what? " 
He said, "I will tell you what--Remove that FINE!" 
She said, "Okay."

...and just like that it happens.  Well, not quite just like that...but the final word for now is that the fines were ultimately CREDITED as to make them of zero value, in other words, worthless for the purpose the fines were imposed. 

However, without getting into any specific details this is a bittersweet victory.  It is also an egregious example of the problems were are facing here at the Jade Winds and perhaps more importantly WHY we are having these problems to begin with. It is worth further discussion.  Perhaps it is time for a Board Meeting?   

Anyone second?  

Here is my most recent balance ledger account sheet.  I believe that everyone who got a fine imposed should also have had their accounts CREDITED as well.   The fines imposed were certainly NOT "IN LINE" with FS718.303. 

This was absolutely too much time, too much money, and too many resources misused to accomplish absolutely nothing but prove harassment and incompetence, or possibly even worse from whoever is supposed to be running this place.  


  1. Congratulations! No one fined should have to pay, due to the violations of the law.

    In the last few days, one way mirror glass was installed all the way around the office, so they can see out, but no one can see in. Meanwhile, our balconies remain unrepaired for two years.

    1. Thank you. It is a small victory for all concerned. Hopefully management and the board begin to realize the mistakes and errors in their ways.

      The office had it windows tinted with a mirror (reflective) tint. I saw the contractor installing the tint throughout a few days ago.

      A couple of issues stand out as potential problems with the installation of the tints. The first issue is the question of visibility with the front entry door. If you are inside the office it is very difficult to see if someone from the outside is about to push open the door. It is only a matter of time before someone who is inside the office lobby area gets smacked in the face with the entry door. It is a potential hazard and liability. I notified Ashley about this issue. Let's see what they do about it.

      Another issue with this tint install is who authorized the payment for these services? I would like to see the invoices for the service provided for the tint application.

      And the most obvious problem with the work is that there is some much more to do on this property (walkways, balconies, etc) and it appears that management is only concerned with protecting and adding security features with our funds. Camera, tints, thick partition glass at the front office. What's next, personal armed security detail on my dime? Damn, this is crazy!!!

      Thanks for posting.

  2. The annual meeting needs to me monitored by someone from DPR to ensure it takes place properly. There is a form and process necessary for this to happen. It is really so many good people are subjected to being treated so poorly, one way glass, really? Where is the two person concrete crew anyway, have not seen them in days.

    1. Don't put too much faith or trust into DBPR but YES, I think you are correct. We can contact them to see if they can assist with helping us run these next elections. Can you try contacting them? Either way, everyone who is eligible, must come out and VOTE!! Thanks for posting.

  3. The makeshift office in the easter lilly building(is it legal) i cant imagine the residentd in easter lilly not up in arms with all the traffic both parking and foot traffiic now imposed on them, our monies which have been sinked into this tempory location sure seems to be a remodel of a space never intended for business use, is it legal?? So if you inquire with the building department and its illegal who pays the violation? ??WE DO, we are not allowed to alter our homes correct?? But yet the managment has taken it upon themselfs to occupy our amenity of a meeting place and or party room,

  4. Managment is a liabilty to every unitowner at jade winds!! Even a realiable and legal source such as the media cannot have their calls returned or get any action from them! WE pay for their services of which we get non of, i put in my call to the corportate offices of first service resdential for her removial!! There are 900 of us, minus of course the board of directors who own a few units,
    1 person has a complaint that can be shuffled to the side, but 100s gets action!!!!!!!

    1. I agree. I call FirstSERVICE Residential as well. I was told to email Mary Peralta and Anselmo. I have not done that as yet but I will put the name out there as those are the name corporate help line gave me. (The lady taking the calls there was very courteous and helpful to the extent possible.)
      We need to coordinate our efforts. I always suggest to break it down by building and then by floor if needed.

      Thanks for posting.

  5. The fines being removed is not good enough for me as well as no one elce should feel any releif!!!
    In one of my many fines i was accused of putting my hands on people, spitting, not allowing residents to enter the property, attacking security,thats a very serious alligation! !!!! Which i am not allowing to be dismissed with the fines
    1 how dare anyone use the law for lies,bully or intimibation
    2 all accused have the right to face thier accusers!
    3 how dare anyone slander ones name, and falcely accuse their character.
    4 thats a criminal offence
    What is the character of the people who knowling lied, i say nothing but ruthless and evil!
    Do not take this matter lightly, file a report of their harrasment, have it documented that these are the tactics they are useing to take away our rights?!!!

    1. I agree with you. It's all wrong and we need to clean house, start over, and fix it ourselves. No one will serve us better than ourselves.
      Everyone should be keeping notes and documentation. We need volunteers for the board and committees.


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