Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Failed Community--Shame on You!

I was going to write a much longer blog post but then I realized that I didn't need to.  The answer is obvious; the thing speaks for itself.  

In short, if this Association believed that it was within it's duty and that it had the right and obligation to improperly and unreasonably fine one of it's members thousands of dollars, or more specifically, and handful of dissenting unit-owners, thousands of dollars, some unit-owners, even up to $7,000, yes $7,000 then ultimately the Association with and via its Management has FAILED this community, terribly!

When one inquires into the reasons why, the manner in which it was done, and the persons targeted and the families affected then it becomes even more apparent. The Association has indeed FAILED this community.

Shame on you Jade Winds Association Inc Board Members for allowing this to happen. Shame on you for not standing up to and stopping what is obviously wrong and obviously unreasonable and obviously unjust and not within the spirit or intent of the law, common sense and good practice.

Go ahead-- go and feel the pulse of the people of this community, I challenge you...I dare you. 

Go ahead Board Members, talk to your neighbors, talk to your realtors, talk to your contractors, talk to your vendors, and fellow unit-owners and tenants instead of talking to attorneys who only bill the Association, tremendously.  Ask your neighbors, are they happy with the direction of this community? 

The answer will be clear--the thing INDEED speaks for itself.  

Nevertheless we who have been wronged shall prevail. Time will surely tell. 


  1. There is no more grivence committie! One they realized they were dupped and lied to they quit, now kets see who managment tries to prey upon, there are still tons of violations prostponed, now what? Whos next? I alnost feel bad for the next prey,

    1. You are right...there isn't any grievance/fining committee. Where are the appointments? who was appointed? when were they appointed? by whom? were the committee members compensated for their services? I never seen any postings or call for volunteers. This reeks FOUL!!!!!

  2. The association lawyers, newley hired, no meeting or agenda, no consideration of attorneys, or interviews, just hired, googile their names super lawyers, boutique lawyers, their name up associated with firstserice, convienent huh? No just scary we get nothing for our money from first service, why not bring your associates on the gravy train, and what makes a super attorney? A payed for trademark in 2013, not a proven track record, not experance, just a nomination from a attorney in their firm, so far all theses attorneys hace put their name ro is the fines! Talk about bitting the hand that feeds you!

  3. Donna mantin in a years time, has taken the pleasere in our voting materials to make us aware that she has changed the lightbulbs, did she change the lightbulbs, sorry people no punchline comming lightbulbs were always a bad joke, this is just pathetic that she is proud of her yearlly accomplishnent, i wonder if she will receive a award from first service

  4. We really need to sink our teeth into the fact that 3 major newsstatiins covered jade winds, owners comming out and voicing there concerns, plus the fact the poilice were present, wrote a log of a peicefull demonstration, no accurences, and yet the managment fines us for ltheir lies, violent, hoodlums? Says who? Not the media, not the police, yet the security guard was areested for resistung arrest and we foot the bill, no one was arrested during the protests! One of the charges on the fine was standing and blocking the walkway while blowing your horn? Make any sence? Dont have to at jade winds,

  5. Donna mantin puts in writing! There are too many occupants in the units! How did they get there? Managment does the applications, they know how many people are regestered! Again we pay a high water bill because the manager is aware, her job to manage and monitor, yet she reports to us Too Many, not acceptible donna mantin, thats your watch

  6. A couple of after thoughts:
    1. Page 2 of the Fining Letter gives much insight into the mind of a quasi-dictator.

    For example: It says in essence: FOLLOW THE RULES OR GET FINED.
    This alone is very troubling because it is telling you that you will be fined for not following the rules. Isnt there any middle ground here? What about warnings notices? Education? Is every rule that is broken worthy of a fine? Or only those who are blacklisted by this administration going to get fined?Obviously, Selective enforcement and threats of PUNISHMENT prevail here.
    2. Also, why wasn't the Fining committee CC'd in the correspondence? The answer is because we don't really have a fining committee. Where are the minutes appointing the committee? Who are the committee members? The people who sat on the committee are "snowbirds" who only live here part of the year and don't have all the facts. The committee was appointed only for imposing fine for "the thorns" in the manager's side.
    3. Let's see how fast and in what manner the Association acts when other violations are reported.

    These are example of and indicators of a failed administration. TYRANNICAL, UNFAIR, MANIPULATIVE, and ABUSE all because someone(s) want to hide the truth.

  7. Do as i say, or pay!

    How about managment forfill their duitys

    Heres a simple place to start
    1, answer the phone,

    If thats too hard than u can return a call
    Lets see if they can get this much done


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