Thursday, May 22, 2014

Surveillance Video Shows Children Shocked in Swimming Pool

Click this Link to See: Surveillance Video Shows Children Shocked in Swimming Pool

Something to ponder and be wary of while management is away on early vacations and certain Board members shirk their duties and responsibilities to unit owners at the Jade Winds. 

Do we need an incident like this to occur here before somebody takes appropriate action? 

As yet, I have seen NONE from this administration. The Bamboo pool has been RED-TAGGED by the County for work without permits since I believe December.  Six months later and the pool remains the same and so does the potential danger.   I seen children swimming in that pool the other day.

Insurance does not cover work without permits. Insurance can NOT give a child his life back. 

How long do we have to endure the irresponsible and negligent actions of this current administration?   

The list of dangers is getting longer and longer...

The list of solutions is getting shorter and shorter.

Let's hope and pray for a safe Memorial day weekend.  
Let's study and work for a new and better way.  

More to  follow soon...


  1. Guys,
    It's really great site. However, the time for rhetorical questions is already gone. Situation is out of control for the long time. In order for us to do something we have to be organized and able to discuss in the civilized way what can possibly be done, including but not limited to a hiring a legal representative. If it's not too late already. Otherwise, we may be on a street in no time.
    How we can meet?

    1. Please email me and I will details some relevant facts for you.


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