Thursday, February 13, 2014

Say Cheese but Get Ready to Pay the Price

According to the most recently issued JWA Rules and Regulations (revision date and method unknown) 
"the use of cameras, audio recordings, or video prohibited anywhere on the Jade Winds Association property..."
Really? Freaking Really??

What has become of this place?  How has our Board of Directors allowed this to happen?  How in the world is this rule "reasonable" in any sense of the word?  

This is a dangerous and slippery slope. I will not allow it and I will not comply. And although we are a private gated-community, we are still located in United States of America; the same United States that I served and defended honorably in the US Army to ensure that our rights and liberties are protected and preserved against all enemies-- foreign and domestic.     

It is obvious that this is yet but another desperate attempt to quell any opposition to the despotic reign of terror of the existing Board of Directors and its incompetent yet elusive property manager.  (Another topic to write about and detail in another blog soon.)

When will you stand up and say that enough is enough? How many rights and liberties (and MONEY) are you willing to give up before you realize that this Association has gone TOO far.   

My head is NOT buried in the sand. I am NOT apathetic. I see what is happening here and around me. I choose to stay informed and I choose to stay involved and fight but I need your help. We need to help each other to fight what is obviously unreasonable, unfair, blatantly wrong, and ultimately unconstitutional.    

Here is the actual page of the JWA Rules and Regulations promulgating this bizarre and truly unreasonable rule (amongst others) 

Read it and weep- I did but only for a brief moment.  Now is not the time to cry.  It is time to be brave and fight a good fight for what is right and just. Are you in or out? Please email  


  1. Out of controll! Why is the manager holding on for dear life?? When the new board comes in it will reveal all her dirty secrets, yes it is america i guess she is not happy that her picture is taken as she picks up parking money and leaves the property with it! Thats called red handed!

  2. Their fines are as useless as their made up rules, iwaste of
    OUR MONEY, funny how they offered 1000.00 reward for pictures of the people protesting, or getting signutures, now its not allowed because its bitting thwm in their ass, well smile mf your on candid camera!!!!

  3. The high lighted paragraph states the board of directors and managment can do as they please, we say no! Being a member of the board intitiles them to nothing more or less than a unit owner! Busted breakibg your own rules,

  4. Friday night at 11pm, channel 10 news!! Condo commandos, watch it!!!!!! Comming attractions of jade winds!!!!! Time has come!!!!!

  5. Ok enough is enough

    Time to lock them out of our property, we are jade winds, not the managment and not the board of directors, we we who pay our maintence, follow the rules, take pride in our homes!!!! Time has come to lock them out, they are tresspassing on our property, and trampling all over our right to live peacefully!!! LOCK OUT!! WE DONT NEED THEM HERE THEY DO NOTHING TO ENHANCE VALUE,

  6. Incompetent manager=
    1. imposing of fines against certain people only without following the law only to go back and remove the fines for not following the law;
    2. allowed association to do work without securing proper permits causing additional costs and delays for example the tower 6th floor, bamboo pool, front gates, and fence around property;
    3. several weeks of being absent from work with greatly reduced work hours particularly in November, December, and parts of January;
    4. Allowed Association to mail out 60 day notice for elections improperly which will have to be redone and add more cost and problems to Association;
    5. Too many and too much in lawyer fees;
    6. too many unhappy residents and unit owners
    7. does not respond promptly to inquires from unit owners or state agencies, instead she finds ways to delay and stall requests and inquiries
    8. poor communicator, rude, reactionary, and capricious
    9. allows our elevators to be out of compliance
    10. Association has several Fire code violations
    11. Does not know how to delegate duties; instead she wants to make all decisions
    12. self serving advice and decisions--for example installing video cameras around office, adding tints and blinds to windows to conceal
    13. Allows improper rentals of units is Jade Winds...I have details if needed.
    14. Contractors and Lawyers not getting paid on time causing additional burdens

    Just ask around the community about the property manager and see what people have to say. I am not making this up. Most people are not happy here.

  7. How about accountibilty? And concence? Due dillegence? Common courtsey? Follow threw?
    All day today lead in to the news at 11 on channel 10 is jade winds, office is locked during business hours we paying for.! Managment has brought our living conditions to a new all time low, my phone has been ringing all day our condo is on the news again! Is this right? I agree with the lock out, we need action were paying them to be abused and bring bad press to our homes, time to take back what is ours, we lock them out!

    1. I wish we could takeover the guard house and get rid of these clowns! These degenerates need to be locked out!!

  8. The light in Allamanda 3 hallway has been out for approximately ten days. Several unit owners have been in the office to make them aware. The firefighters were here a few days ago and had to use flash lights!!! To the no photography clause I have one thing to say....

    Amendment I

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Freedom of speech, press, and peaceful assembly!!!!

  9. It is unconscionable that for 3 dollars, a Hearse was not allowed in. Is there any possibility of charging Jan Capote, (the gum chewing sun-glassed security guard) Donna Mantin, and Santiago Perez with indignity to a dead body?

  10. What guards, its a vallet service with no service, no common sence,time to look into if these guards even passed a test and have a licence to be a guard, another job of the managment ignored, i agree lock out

  11. Has anyone elce gotten a bill from comcast? I dont use anything other than what the service from the condo? Is the condo paying our bills? I have never seen this before

  12. Fyi i called comcast about the bill i received, the charge of 74.46 has been taken off my person and charged to the association( which is all of us) the reason for the charge, 2 service calls, and the gate did not allow entry it was close to 4pm, and comcast was told their van would be towed,

  13. To the moderator: Thank you for maintaining this blog. My mother is a unit owner (30 years) and we have seen Jade Winds undergo several transformations over the years. The current board/manager, with its' absurd parking fiasco, and its' incompetent and possibly corrupt management, is the worst that we have ever experienced. I hope that the next election shakes things up!


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