Thursday, February 13, 2014

Parking Rules Changed Again

The parking rules have been changed once again.  

This time they appear to be a bit more reasonable probably because of all the backlash and pressure by unit owners and others about how unreasonable and unfair the parking rules were to begin with.

However, I am still concerned as to the method and the true reasoning for this change.  Was this change approved by the board?  If so, when and by whom?  

Please share your thoughts and ideas.  

Property Manager and her minion at work arbitrarily changing the posted parking rules. 

The new rules are shown below: 
New Parking Rules changed and posted on 12 Feb 14


  1. Are they crazy that 800 in less than a 24 hour period, 10 pm says who? I think they are working around security hours, for sure not human being hours, time to watch whos on the money shift!!!!!!!!

  2. Just saw the news, i am sorry for the loss of mrs powell, i am also sorry for the extra pain inflicted by the managment, that should happen to no one!

    Now the security guard in sun glasses chewing on cud like a cow should be removed from this property, such a discusting sight to see, chewing gum, wearing sun glasses in the booth, a disgrace,, runs and hides in our office?? Wtf they are supposed to protect us not run to the office and
    hide, They are using our property to protect themselfs, if the office is not oppened to the community than they should be arrested for tresspassing, our personail information is contained in that office, our numbers, our keys to our homes, they have no business being behind the door! Are mcorps employes bonded ro handle as santiago perez states 100 thousand dollars in revenue?is managment, donna,carlos,ashley bonded to handle that amount of money? All those 3 and 5 dollar bills add up on a daily basis! Who is paying for the attorneys advise on this matter? Us? First service?mcorps? Who payed to bail out the security guard? Not donna mantin im sure! Wake up people this is not to be ignored!

  3. Wow. What a horrible place to live in. No wonder there are so many units on the market. (I wanted to list my unit but my realtor told me to hold off and not too many people looking to move here (can you blame them?)) Who approves these rules anyways? I never see the board mentioned or vote? Let’s all get out and VOTE. I am sick and tired of this. Since I have owned over 2 years I want to be able to rent my unit whenever I want not when Santiago tells me I can. This board and management are worse than the gestapo for gods sake!

  4. This, is the most horriable place to live and its unbelievable all the wrong that Jade Winds have been doing.


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