Monday, February 3, 2014

Compare Then and Now: Last Year's 60 Day Notice

I was looking through my records and I found last years 60-Day Notice for our Annual Meeting in 2013.  

Please compare the one I am showing below for last year (2013) to the one you received this year for 2014 which can found in a previous blog titled, Important Dates to Remember for Upcoming Elections.

The differences between then and now are remarkable.  It also demonstrates the bad-faith of the current Board and Management whose job it is to communicate these matters.   

The power-grab has indeed been successful. The Board is not planning on giving it up that easily which is evidenced by their disingenuous communications. 

They are scheming and hoping that you don't get involved.   The less you know and the less you participate the longer these despots can continue their reign of terror. Yes, that is what it feels like to me--terror.  What does it feel like to you?  

60-Day Notice sent out for 2013 Annual Meeting

Intent to Run for Board form included with 60-Day Notice


  1. Yes of course we all noticed,

    Its time we all stand together and stop this, its illegal and ruthless

    1. Not all have noticed. Not all care what happens. Some don't care at all. Spread the word and get involved please.

  2. Florida statutes says election must be held same time every year, they keep pushing and pushing, same manager, who holds a licence, i sent in a copy of her blatent dissregard for the statues to the florida board of licences, i suggest u all should also, google florida board of licences do a search by name, follow instructions to file a complaint, the manager dont want to answer to the residents, or news, let her answer to the state!

  3. If u received a violation from the association you can send that in along with the vile letter, posted in the bullitin boards. the committie frouns upon threats and dissrecpect, and donna mantin full well knowing there is no fine or grevience still went ahead and wasted our monies, on her personial agenda to bully& threaten,


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