Friday, September 12, 2014

The "Office" Closed Again

Once again, the office is closed and unavailable for unit owners, vendors, realtors, and process servers just to name a few.   

Please note how the notice is displayed.  The lack of care is evident.   The lack of responsiveness is unacceptable.
Another crooked noticed posted--OFFICE CLOSED. 

September 18 2014

What administrative reason justifies closing the office with these sporadic hours and non-availability to unit owners, vendors, etc?
At least the notice is placed squarely this time.

Edit:  September 19, 2014
Back to crooked notices.

What administrative reason can cause the office to be closed more often than not?  What is the purpose of paying for management IF we are not getting management services? If the office is closed then unit owners and residents cannot resolve their business.    


  1. Funny, its not even written correctly, or signed, never mind sorry for the inconvience. Or in case of emergency call or email first service, there is a emergency number for first service and they contact the manager right away, ( not that it does jadewinds unit owners any good)

  2. Nothing comes as a surprise to me anymore when it comes to jadewinds management ive given up all hope for any peaceful resolution to any issues that are existant or future

  3. Horrible bureaucracy where I live, at a local level, at a state level, at a national level...
    We constantly report on and experience how humans willfully demean other humans, but can we start talking about how to fight back?
    Where we live, at a local level, at a state level, at a national level...

  4. We shouldent have to fight,

    Thats were the problem lies!!!

    Whos in charge we the unit owners are

    No more poor board of directors are old, let them get off the board, they fight and cross the line of eithics to stay seated and fix the election. Why because they are afraid to leave, someone has to hold on to the closet door so the skellirons dont come out. And why do they give the manager so much power, because she is evil and hateful and beyond rules and regulations

    No not a fight, u cant win against evil, but keep in mind everyone will get their do

    1. As much as I respect your resolve, (with all due respect) it's all bark, no bite.
      The reason America, Florida, Miami and Jade Winds all suck is because people who live to demean the rest of us focus their lives to making sure they are stepping on our necks.
      Meanwhile, the rest of us are just trying to keep up with family, work, rent, bills, car (and keeping it from getting towed)...
      The weight on our necks keeps getting heavier and heavier and we can say "ouch, OUCH, STOP" all day, but why would they stop?
      They are winning and all they have to put up with is drowning out our screams.
      We are coming to the point where it's time to stop screaming and make them say ouch.
      If they do nothing to change, then make them say OUCH.
      If they do nothing then, then we must make them scream STOP!!

      Until we are ready to stop screaming, find a comfortable way to accommodate that boot on your neck.

    2. Hello.
      First, thanks for sharing your thoughts. before I give a full reply would you please tell me what would qualify as "bite" to use your comparison please.
      In other words, I want to know what you would consider "bite" and I am assuming you mean some sort of action but certainly only legal and lawful actions please.

      And the same goes for any reader of this blog, please share your thoughts, good or bad, just be open minded and reasonable please.


  5. I regret that I do not have the answer.
    This is the barrel we are collectively bent over.
    Informing people is the first step.
    Some people don't even know they're being screwed over. This blog is an EXCELLENT start.
    I would suggest handing out flyers letting the residents know this site exists. I say hand out flyers because the way it sounds, posting them would get them ripped down quick. And not 8 1/2 x 11. 4 flyers on one piece of paper cut 4 ways.

    The only reason I know this blog exists is because I got so fed up with the office, I googled Jade Winds and this came up.
    Maybe more eyes would bring more ideas.

    I feel in every realm of life, people are getting fed up with the systems that are making living more and more unbearable.
    This isn't what life is supposed to be.

    Bring more eyes to this blog and maybe someone with the right course of action will present the ideas I lack.
    I wish you the best, because you're fighting for a better quality of life - something that we shouldn't even be fighting for in the first place.

  6. I showed this blog to the new management company.
    They said they were already aware of it, and it was one of the reasons they were approached to take over management. Does anyone know them at all?

  7. All i know is by keeping the old manager they cant be to smart, donna mantin is the reason this place is falling apart and neglicted, 5 days of this new company donna mantin is no where to be seen and friday she had the day off. What kinda crap is that? Im sure donna mantin solisited this new company with promises of a easy job and big moneys, i almost feel bad for the new company, now they take responsibility of donna mantins missmanagment, saw diffrent office staff already, they may be new to jade winds but the problems exzist from donna mantin and her lies and evil, and her refusial to comply with the law
    Good luck to all of us


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