Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Failure to Act and Acting to Fail!

This $2,000 FINE against the Association (you and I) is a direct result of  the actions and subsequent inactions of this MANAGEMENT and select BOARD of DIRECTORS. 

First off, this information is public records and that is how I learned of it. This FINE was discovered during a records search for a sale of a unit here.  Many people are selling and fleeing from the JADE WINDS.  

(Speaking of UNIT sales and fleeing, I hear that the President, named in this violation, has his 3-4 units on the market for sale-- maybe he knows something we DON'T, please do share.)  

Furthermore, this violation is an actual and legally sufficient OPEN CONTINUING VIOLATION that has not been corrected since the Association was first PROPERLY NOTICED in December 3, 2013.  

Unlike JADE WINDS who does NOT afford unit owners a FAIR OPPORTUNITY to CORRECT and/or STOP any acts that may constitute a violation of reasonable rules, Miami Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources (RER) formerly known as DERM, gave the Association plenty of time to correct this environmental violation. But what makes matters even worse and troubles me even more is the fact that this violation is such an easy fix. Simply, remove the debris from the pond, dispose of it properly, and notify the Agency.     

Sounds easy, right?  WRONG! Not in this BIZARRO WORLD of the JADE WINDS where SAVING MONEY and AVOIDING DISPUTES and LAWSUITS is BAD and blatant VIOLATIONS of LAW and HARASSMENT are condoned, encouraged, and even rewarded.   Yes REWARDED! For example, (ironically and coincidentally) this past December rude security guards and absent managers were given BONUSES ranging from $400 -$2,000 while UNIT OWNERS exercising their RIGHTS were FINED in violation of the LAW and all reasonable and rational common sense and decency.  

The matter of the fines still continues today for some absurd BIZARRO reason. All the while, as if this Association doesn't have more important things to do such as: 

  • correct their own violations (DERM, FIRE, Building Department, DBPR, unit owners) 
  • pay our water bills (Jade Winds is behind on payments, paying repeated late fees)
  • secure job sites, safety hazards and reduce liabilities (Daisy 126, scattered debris, broken walkways)
  • finish construction and special assessment projects (magic word is ONGOING but actually it's never-ENDING)
  • obtain required permits (for example, Bamboo Pool and the Tower before somebody gets shocked, burned, and/or drowns in a great FLOOD)
  • comply with the DBPR orders and requests for information from DBPR and UNIT OWNERS
  • re-do an election (Yes the Association was ordered by the DBPR to redo the 2014 elections)
  • hire an attorney 
  • fund our RESERVES and coincidentally today (May 1st) is the deadline for ALL Associations to report their year-end ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORTS to its members; so on and so forth.  

(Have you received your notice of the 2013 Annual Financial Report from the Association?Please post yes or no below, I will be certain the results will be NIL.) 

And by the way before I the Board member who promised me a "sign-in sheet log" at the office, something I have repeatedly suggested, there still isn't a sign-in log available. Why Not? What's up with that, DUDE?  

So while this violation above remains open DERM will be initiating further legal action against the Association. Guess who pays for that fine and any subsequent legal action like liens and court actions?  Do I need to go pick up that debris myself to avoid these additional costs and liabilities to the Association? I WILL if I have to.  

When will UNIT OWNERS realize and react to what's going on around here?  (EXERCISE your RIGHTS)
When will the AUTHORITIES realize and react? (ENFORCE the LAW) 
How long will we ALL wait and stand by idle? When it's too late and too much irreparable harm has been caused. It is one thing to squander and lose a few dollars; its another thing to lose your peace and tranquility, your home, and your rights as a condo owner, American, and human being.   


**One last note, All this blogging is burdensome. I would rather not be doing this, there are much more fun things to do than this but I have to and I shall. I can not sit here and do and say nothing.  I do what I can, no matter what that is.  Also, I have to document and be able to show and prove to my children what happens when ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY! (Take notes, kiddos, this is happening real-time, live in HD.) 

The JADED WINDS (our new marketing brand) is unfortunately a glaring example of that expression. 

However, all hope is NOT lost YET.  All these problems we face right now as an Association can be corrected and rectified internally as an Association. I hope that we can work something out, fast and soon.  But if that is not possible, because of some, then may justice be served- cold and swift, so help us GOD!

Be vigilant and stay active neighbors. This property is probably your biggest investment and it should treated and cared for as such.  

We all have a job to do, let's do it. 

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