Friday, October 24, 2014

The Drama Continues...

The drama continues but the end appears near.    Our efforts are indeed paying off.   This administration is desperate and the Association is in shambles. 

However, now is not the time for unit owner complacency. This is the time when ALL unit owners must unite. 

We each have to step up and do our part no matter how big or small.   We all have something to offer so please make yourself known. 
Know and assert your rights.    

We MUST and we WILL take back community control. 

24 October 2014. Outside Jade Winds management office.
L to R: Donna Mantin, CAM34445 (delinquent license); Jesse Bergeman, Board Treasurer; and MDPD. 

Donna Mantin was leaving the office with Association correspondence.   Vigilant unit owners called the police and put a stop to that and the mail was rightfully returned to the office.

Donna Mantin was free to go and left the property willingly, this time.   I hope she never returns.

Case# PD141024388009.  Call MDPD at 305.940.9980 in about 1 week to see if the report is ready. I have no idea what it will say, I was not present.   More to follow soon.  


  1. No smile on her face now, everyones had it with her, how dare her have association anything on her person, that is theft if its addressed to jadewinds, we all need ro follow up and have her arrested for theft!!

  2. She needs to use the first unemplyment check to buy a bra

  3. She should not be allowed unemployment, she never did her job and that would be justice

  4. Solo espero que lo nuevo no sea mas de lo mismo ,que se limiten sus acciones y que sean revisadas por mucha gente.

  5. I think this picture has to be printed, framed and put on the wall in the Management Office and wherever new Board will sit as the great reminder of possible consequences for the negligence and illegal activities.

  6. Donna will not be eligible for unemployment due to the fact of significant misconduct. Therefore, we'll need to collect 1 penny per unit for her bra. Of course, it will not be a Victoria Secret. Hopefully, it will be enough to buy one from Goodwill at Sky Lake mall.

  7. As long as shes in a orange doc jumpsuit it wont matter,!!!!!!


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