Friday, October 24, 2014

News Flash--NO More Donna Mantin! Community Celebrates

Finally, some on the Board of Directors have taken appropriate action.   The dark storm clouds of fear and abuse over Jade Winds have begun to dissipate. 

I hope, pray, but most importantly, WORK for better days ahead.

Donna Mantin is no longer the community association manager of the Jade Winds. I doubt she will ever be a licensed CAM ever again. 

Santiago Perez is no longer president of the Board.   I doubt he will remain a Director much longer. 

Time will tell all.  Revelations reveal the truth

There is an Emergency Board meeting at the Jade Winds Office, Saturday, 25 October 2014 at 6pm.

I urged all unit owners and concerned residents to attend.

Please be patient with the process.  An open Board meeting is something that we may not be accustomed to but it is something we will perfect over time, one way or another. 

I look forward to seeing you all there, except for a select few who I now and forever consider personas non grata.  Good bye and good riddance to you. I hope the exit gate hits you on the way out.  


  1. Truth and justice thats tje american way, i applaud all u superpeople. Bravo. Justice prevails

  2. The FIGHT for truth and justice is the American way. Fight we shall.

    Thank you.

    1. In the anticipation of the election of a new Board – we need highly educated, professional and decent people dedicated their time and efforts to Jade Winds. Our Association, thanks to the existing Board is in terrible financial and psychological situation and we shouldn’t let any current member of the Board to become a newly elected Director. If any of the unit owners wants to become a Director of the Board think first what you will be able to bring to our community. Recovery is a long and painful process, and we have to be ready for all kind of surprises that most definitely will hit all of us financially. Again, let’s think about our future and do not elect people without any knowledge of work during emergency situation like this one.

  3. I agree no exzisting members of the board should remain, the couminty should call for theor resginations, the members of the board are the reason we are in this mess now, and thwy lied and deceived to adjust their terms to their advantage full well knowing it was illegal

    Yes its nice they stepped to the plate, but its a day late and millions of dollars short on their watch

    They allowed, covered thought they would divide and conquer. Their evil intentions is what united the jade winds unit owners

    Dont be fooled, all this was created by theses same people. They need to go
    There is a video on this blog from the election look at the people sitting at the table with their backs to the residents bwing peotected by our dollars by a swat team never forget their gross neglance and no regard for the welfare of their neighbors

  4. It was very unusual to see on the wall of our building announcement about an emergency Board of Directors Meeting. Board finally decided to comply with the Florida Statute 718? Doesn’t this make you suspicious? Donna Mantin and her personal body guard are the really horrible and indecent people. No questions about that. However, where was our Board when all responsibilities were delegated to Donna Mantin? Who is responsible for that? Watching day to day abuse of power by Donna Mantin was terrible. But our Board of Directors was and still is under impression that Donna Mantin is “the best what happened in Jade Winds in recent years”. I think now is the time to ask the Board members how did all of us get into this financial hole, why they didn’t do anything to correct the situation. I strongly believe that current board is much bigger evil than Donna Mantin. Only with their involvement and approval we are now facing all the problems, and only God knows when these problems will be resolved. It’s time to ask each Director about their involvement and conduct a very careful investigation regarding that. Each Board Director personally is ultimately responsible for the existing situation. Maybe all our problems exist because of illegitimate elections conducted in 2013 with the presence (!!!) of the police? WE were granted permission for the Special Election. Will it ever be conducted?

  5. People!
    Don't let this Board continue to rule. They are responsible for everything what happened and still happening in Jade Winds. It's time for them to take responsibility for their actions and report to the unit owners. Don't be foolish! How this treasurer controlled the spending, and why as the result of his control Jade Winds in such a huge debt? Don't let them to promote any new members to the Board without election! "The FIGHT for truth and justice is the American way. Fight we shall".

  6. FACT! !!!!!!! The remaining members of the free for all nwed ro go




  7. Im very pleased for this meeting tonight

    I have a feeling no one from the board will show their faces at this meeting,

    No directors no meeting, just a bunch of trusting decent hard working owners left knocking at the door to get our due of fairness and answers

    Do you you really think these cockaroaches will crawl out of their cracks with the lights on?

    A few more hours will tell

    And who is this board left?
    Jessie bergman? A old man who used our money to protect his home with cameras, while our homes crumbled

    Sandra & florence. Who allowed this crap for years took up space on the board to shoot down every person who stepped up to the plate with a fresh idea or knodledge to help

    Donna tollfusion who has never had a nice word to say to anyone or conducted business in her position on the board to only inform tje association of how wonderful donna mantin is and threaten us with police if we approached her

    Laura levi only to be seen walking her dogs

    Robert graver???? Who is he never attended a meeting

    Scott bauman??? Again who is he?????

    Truillio rivera? Again who is he???

    Think about it people with out donna mantin and swat teams they will not show their faces

    Forget them time got us here to this point they turned on one another,

    Time will give them their overdue

    Now is our time to take action, move on from them and protect our homes from them

    Yes like all of you i will be there tonight hopeing for the light at the end of this dark tunnel

    Lets just hope the cockaroaches dont clog the little bit of light seaping threw and we can move foward and save our homes

  8. Do you have a plan other than to make accusations that may be true or not. Who is going to chair the meeting? Don't let it be a free for all, otherwise THEY win. I'll be there and good luck.

  9. Tonight's meeting should not be taken lightly. Anyone with common sense would realize that the remaining board members cannot be trusted and have to go. Even if they were not directly involved in the crimes commited they still stood by and looked the other way. They are guilty of negligence among many other things. If Donna T. thinks anyone for a second believes she had no part in all this then she is sadly mistaken. Shes the one that called us "hoodlums" for standing up for ourselves and falsely accused us of spitting on people! Do not be fooled they need to go along with AKIM. We, the hardworking owners living here should be choosing the board and management company not the board of losers, thieves and liers.

  10. It is very interesting! There is no question that the existing Board has to go due to the total fiasco in their performance. However, don't forget that illegally all these people have gotten into the Board. Everybody knew about that taking into consideration the way how 2013 elections were conducted. Hopefully, it will be a criminal investigation of management and Board work. Yes, I am not joking! Entire Board has to be investigated since they allowed these things to happen. Were they bribed somehow for their silence? And the newly elected Board has to know that for the negligence and participation in criminal activities they will face a legal consequences, even though that according to them (Board members) they didn't have any knowledge of what is going on in our community. From the other hand how the Board of Directors could not know about all wrong things permanently happening in Jade Winds? But, what actually was accomplished yesterday? Absolutely nothing. In the community were people think that the louder they scream the better they"ll be heard nothing can be done.
    I personally don't know anything about AKAM On-Site. But why do you think that almost one thousand unit owners will be able to come to some kind of agreement in choosing the management company? It's utopia!
    Do you really know the person whose name will be on a Ballot for the Board of Directors? For unknown for me reason some people who shouldn't even to be close to the Board have this craving for power, and unfortunately, they will be elected and we'll be on square one again. Do you know how to avoid this fro happening? Please advise!

  11. Majority rules, that's the way it should be. All the owners should be able to pick a management company and which ever company gets the most votes should be the one picked. It looks like Akam has basically picked themselves and this cannot be allowed. I received an email from them stating they are now our property management company. The representative yesterday lied through her teeth to us. How dare she tell us we have no money after saying she hasn't even looked at any financial records? How dare she tell us no contract has been signed when it has? How dare she defend a group of people that have ruined our community? We must stop this now!

    1. Please forward that email to

    2. I don't think that cliché "Majority rules" will apply to our situation.
      Competence has to rule, not just a majority.

  12. Hi my name is Gabriel and i am looking to buy a proprety at this place , but before i did my offer i decided to do some reserach and i found this wedsite .
    its nice to see all onwers together fighting for a better place but im wondering if i should buy a place here at this time. can anyone tell me about the current situation at jade winds right now ? sould i invest my money or not ?
    plase let me know

    1. Hi Gabriel. That's a very tough question to answer as at this point there's too much uncertainty going on. We've lived here for almost 20 years and no doubt Jade Winds has the potential to become an amazing community if and only if we are successful in getting rid of the individuals that are intent on its demise. I can tell you this much, since all this began, the owners here have come together in great ways, and the majority of those living here are wonderful people that make this place worth fighting for. If you do decide on purchasing here make sure you find us so that you can become part of the solution.

    2. thank you very much for the reply Marina :)

  13. I think all Board members, past and present, should be required to take a literacy test, proving they can read and comprehend condo law. I question the current Board's literacy level which is likely why they left everything up to Donna, who ran everything into the ground. As a long-term resident at Jade Winds, I saw too many Board members with a reading comprehension problem.

  14. I am a lawyer (not Florida) by profession. ANY ONE who claims you "you can't afford a lawyer", or discourages you from having an attorney advise you - or look over a contract - RUN FROM THAT PERSON ASAP! It is not expensive for a lawyer to review a contract - that 1-2 hours could save you hundreds of thousands in the long run!

  15. Call me crazy but did i watch as the 1st and 2end vice presidents became president and vice president. Say THEY HAD NO CLUE AS TO WHATS GOING ON???

    SO now the clueless get the title of incharge and they were always in charge but took no annitive towards the association??

    Did i also hear akam say we have nothing? Will they be working for free?

    I also heard our water and electric will be shut off, not our electric im sure the residents payed their bills

    In a way if we lose the common areas electric and water maybe than the officials will step in, when the eldery cant get out of their homes or ambulance cant get in, or god forbid a fire and no water to put it out?

    Someone spoke of econimic crimes? Where are they the crimes have been commited already! !

    The new president already showed no intrest and stood to the side and spoke as tje residents voiced their concerns, he also called residents names is this a president? He was better off silent and not showing his face

    The vice president said nothing and her wig was crooked just like her dealings, standing with a box of tissues she couldent even fake a tear!

    Theses people are not leaders they are the problem!! They stay to protect their own intrests, for all the years they stood and protected the manager, now to turn to late people

    Where is yhis board now less than 24 hours later?
    Its a free for all, the guards do nothing the gates
    are wide opened, no calls being taken

  16. the best thing that could happen to the Association is to pass into a RECEIVER. we have to be realistic. during the last 5 years the board of directors did not nothing, they spend our money without any awareness.
    Why we need a Board of Directors for what?
    Why we need a management company ?
    DONNA MANTIN AND SANTIAGO PEREZ and all the board members has to paid for all the damage that they caused to the association. The president, a retired police, without work in the last 3 years bought three apartments in JW and a house that cost more than 650,000. FIRSTSERVICES have to respond for the mismanagement. We need a Lawyer ASAP.

  17. On Thursday of last week, I was told over the phone by a AKAM representative that they are no longer our management company. I asked her as of when and her reply was "as of 20 mins ago". Do we even have a management company now? I need to get work done in my home.

  18. Now that we appaently have a new interim board, what are you (interim board president, Robert Graver) going to do?

    Please post a plan of action and keep us owners advised. Can you use this blog? What about the condo web site; currently it seems to be neglected.?

    How can we help. Unfortunately, I'm an abstantee owner but in the Miami area two or three weeks per month. I'm available 11 Nov-2 Dec 14 for starters. Within our Jade Wind Community with ~ 1000 residents we may have other qualified volunteers to help too.

    Another question, who created and is administering this blog ? New user/ignorant to blogs so please explain the profile selections. Had to use anonyous to be able to send this comment

  19. I think that we had at least one positive impact of the existing situation - unit owners began waking up and started to read and make comments here. That's why I've written that we need competent people on the Board. Whoever wrote above "Why we need a Board?" FYI - it's a law. Read A Florida Statute 718, you'll find it very educational. By the way, according to the law receivership is possible only in case no one, and I repeat no one in the community is willing and able to become a Board member. And I personally know at least 4 people who are craving for this "position". Even though they will not bring anything positive to the community. Some of them are ex Board members.
    We have to get a knowledge about our total debt and think how we'll pay for it. Have anybody seen our budget for 2014? I haven't. We've never received it, like we've never received Ballots for election. By the way, who is paying our utility bills? Who has a signature power? Who is signing checks? And who is going to pay for the lawyer if Association is in huge debt? Are you personally going to knock in each and every door and ask for donation or it will be in a form of new assessment? Let's be realistic!

  20. I find it quite interesting that the people with the most solutions and criticism at this point are the ones who were missing in action from the very beginning and didn't care enough to give money when the people that did/do care were collecting for the first lawyer. Obviously your comment speaks for itself as they've already knocked on doors and the people that were informed gave whatever they could. I know I'd give again in a heartbeat for this cause.

    Now is not the time to be a backseat driver, now is the time for everyone to help those that have fought tooth and nail for us.

    Yes we need a board, and yes we need a management company and in 60 days or hopefull sooner we will have the chance to elect competent people. We should spend this time talking to those interested in running and interviewing them to make sure they will be capable of the tasks that lay ahead.

    1. And who will be interviewing those people? Who are "WE"? What the criteria for qualification?
      This election supposed to be in the beginning of December, about 45 days from today. Who will do the preparation for the election? At the time of the Daisy's meeting this question was raised. People offered their help in preparation for the election. And the only answer we've got - it will be done by the management. Fine. Now, when management is gone who will do it? Who will prepare almost 1000 ballots and send them out? Do we have finds to pay for the postage?

    2. I will gladly volunteer my time to prepare the ballots. It's way too soon to speculate about who will pay for what and how we will pay to send the ballots as no one seems to have any clue exactly what if anything is left. Priority one should be to establish what we are working with.

  21. I think the key phrase here is "the people that were informed". I wasn't. This is a big problem here. Majority of us have no idea what is going on, and then we are getting accused in unwillingness to participate. Provide timely information, contact the people and you'll see the results. Otherwise, residents will be getting their information from the permanently circulating gossips, and this is totally wrong.

  22. As unit owners it is each of our responsibility to stay informed ok what's going on in the community you simply cannot leave that responsibility to others. You cannot tell me that you were not aware of the protests held last year, of the ridiculous parking fees, towing, botched elections and lack of construction work on the buildings. Truth is even at this point there are owners here who are still ignorant about what's going on and refuse to believe the severity of the situation. Sochil's helpers went around on numerous occasions knocking on doors first for the recall then to collect for a lawyer, they set up tables in front of building to inform people, they organized protests, several different news stations came out to cover what's going on, I personally contacted the DBPR, the BBB, the regional manager for Firstservice, I went down to the police station and spoke with them since they were trying to help numerous times as did other people. You cannot blame anyone for not keeping you informed heck older people with no internet, who don't speak a word of English were aware. You have to have to have to make it a point of knowing what's going on.


  24. Of course I knew about protests and other things happening. I got this information from the Internet, not from your blog since I was in Canada from October till March of this year. However, the tone of your note is absolutely unacceptable. Without knowledge of somebody's circumstances you are jumping to the ridiculous and wrong conclusions. If you are planning to be on the Board, that I assume you do, you should not blame or accuse people without evidence of the crime they, on your opinion, committed.

    1. I've never accused you specifically of anything, I don't even know who you are. I was making a general statement about owners that decided to now come out from under the rock which they've been hiding all this time. I do not intend to run for the board as I do not have nearly enough knowledge about this to make me qualified. This is also not my blog, I'm merely a unit owner making observations and have been trying to keep abreast of the situation.

  25. Really? It sounds to me as a personal accusation, according to your wording. I am not blaming other people for not providing me with information, nor I am comparing unit owners with the lizards and cucarachas who, according to you, "came out from under the rock which they've been hiding all this time", that I personally find quite insulting. People can obtain information from the reliable sources only. And the only reliable source which exists now is this blog. And I must express my deepest appreciation to this, unfortunately unknown, person who created and continues putting really reliable information here. However, not everybody has a computer and/or computer literate. That's why I am finding your statement regarding unit owners responsibility to stay informed (informed by whom?) ludicrous. By the way, are you aware about all unit owners whose list of contacts of the State, county, and local officials as well as other business owners working with our community much longer than yours? You haven't obtain this information? Or you are not responsible for obtaining this type of information?

  26. Please stop fighting over this blog, we need to be united right now, for the sake of our community, stop blaming each other. Grow up people

  27. Have anybody heard about three new Board members?
    Is it the truth or a rumor as usual?

  28. Hello residents. I am a realtor and I'm representing an owner at Jade Winds. I'm trying to find out who or where we can obtain an application from, for a prospective purchaser. Can someone please offer me some guidance, as I can see there's an apparent revamping of "the board"? Is there a current management company in place? Thank you so much for any help you can offer!

  29. No new board members, just jade winds owners that want to help, come to the meeting tonight at 7pm at the office, call your neighbors and inform them about the meeting. Get inform people, is our condominium,

  30. Just these three particular owners want to help? What about other people? Who chose them to be confirmed as officers? Illegitimate Board?
    Of course, we'll all come. At least out of curiosity..........

  31. Guys, I am totally confused now. The notice regarding emergency Board meeting states under #1 of the Agenda - Confirmation of ... as Officers. As far as I know only Board Members elected by the unit owners can appoint officers such as President, V/P, Treasurer and Secretary from the elected Board. In other words, from the Board that consist of 10 members 4 will become the officers, and rest will be the Board Members. These three individuals cannot become the Officers, unless they were the Board members already. Have anybody voted for them? According to the note above "No new board members" What is going on?

  32. So, what do we have now? Two people that run the show and bunch of puppets who put us in trouble because of their negligence and unwillingness to work. I am not going to say a good word for Santiago Perez and Donna Mantin, because non of them deserved it. But I am not going to say anything good for the remaining Board members either because each and everyone of them is personally responsible for this mess, but nobody is going to make them accountable. Shame on us (myself included)!


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