Saturday, November 1, 2014


After years of systemic mismanagement, exploitation, and abuses Jade Winds has finally broken free.  

Donna Mantin, CAM34445 (who, surprisingly, NOW has a current license--it was just recently delinquent) has been FIRED from the Jade Winds and is considered a persona non grata! 

**FACT CHECK:  Donna Mantin was NOT arrested last week on the Jade Winds property. Donna Mantin was leaving the office with Association correspondence (mail) and the police seized and returned those items back to the office.  She was not arrested and was free to go, period.      

Santiago Perez, who was the President of the Board, resigned.

Jesse Bergeman, who was Treasurer of the Board, resigned.

There were some other Directors, who also resigned previously, but the community was never informed of such.    

With that said, the remaining Board members and unit owners are united and determined to maintain community control and act in the best interest of this Association

Jade Winds will conduct business. Jade Winds will comply with the law and it's obligations.  Jade Winds will move forward. 

The Board of Directors held an emergency meeting on Thursday, 30 October 2014 to begin the process of assessing the damages, rebuilding, and rectifying the wrongs from previous administration leaders. 

The picture below shows unit owners engaged  in the process of the meeting. The audience was given an opportunity to attend and speak and ideas were considered.

The meeting was open and orderly. The Board conducted business and the agenda items were discussed and resolved as needed.  

I can honestly say, that Thursday night's meeting was a great victory for the members of this Association. I think it sets the tone for things to come. 

Thank you to all who participated.  There will be many more meetings to come and each one will be better than the last. Your cooperation and assistance is requested during this transition.  

The office will reopen soon but please continue to mail your assessment payments to BB&T as usual.    

Jade Winds Association Board of Directors conducting business.

Unit Owners pay attention, have fun, and are involved with the business of Jade Winds, the way it should be. 


  1. This is indeed hopeful. Is there anyway announcements can be made earlier and more publicly of these meetings? This one slipped by me. Also, could updates be made on the actual progress that is occurring for those who are unable to attend meetings? Perhaps a brief newsletter. I know everyone is doing their best so this is only a suggestion.

    1. We are in emergency status and we are doing our best. Once management is assigned and things get reorganized, we can perfect all that you suggest. For now everyone must remain proactive and ready to respond on short notice. Things are moving fast.


    2. I understand, thanks.

  2. Yes & yes - updates on progress would be greatly appreciated.

  3. This is an excellent first step.

    However, as long as Sandra Fox and Florence Poretsky are in the Board, Jade Winds will continue to have problems. They (and Jesse Bergeman) have been on the Board forever, long, long before Donna Mantin and Perez started their havoc. Under these three, Jade Winds has been in decline, and neglected for over a decade.

    These three should have known that the Board hires and fires the Property Management Company, and Manager; instead, they allowed Donna and her minions to completely run Jade WInds into the ground. There will be no real progress until Florence and Sandra also resign, and are held accountable for their actions.

    1. We are all aware of problems prior, but we really need to stop focusing on the problems and who was responsible, and focus on the future and fixing said problems. Finger pointing doesn't get us anywhere.

      People make mistakes, situations aren't always black and white, let's just move forward and help rebuild our association.

    2. People who mess up need to be held accountable, before we "can move forward."

      There are lawsuits against Sandra, Jesse and Florence. Ross Toyne, the Association's former attorney is suing the Association for almost half a million. There are many other lawsuits out against JW. Where do you think the money will come from - our maintenance - because of THEIR bad behaviour.

      Our buildings are in danger of being torn down, without notice. (You will be thrown out of your home, and the building torn down, without notice to you because of this Board's negligence).

      Will you call it finger pointing when you are tossed out, without notice, due to the Board's actions?

      All involved need to be held accountable, legally responsible, and pay for the negligence and criminal activity. Then we can move forward.

    3. I feel secure in saying we all agree with your statement, its not revenge, its common sence, its way to big of a mess to be able to move foward, jade winds has no word anymore, no venders or agencys want to work with us, the minute any one hears jade winds u can see their face twist, but than i say wait donna mantin is gone, and u can see the releif and all of a sudden the tone changes............ The good thing about her being gone is the lies stop,the nastyness stops, and the sence of why bother going to the office nothing will be done will stop, in fact the office closed is the same result as donna and the staff not being there minus the aggravation, the couminity is at rest with her gone, no more worries of her relatiation of lies, or her cursing us out thats the blessing here, the fact her picture is hanging in the security booth is a good sign as wanted and dangerious if seen call the police, thats years over due
      Now the fact you show a picture with jesse bergman sitting at a meeting i am outraged, sandra fox still on the board, i am outraged, laura levi at a meeting sticking her middle finger up i am outraged, the agenda of the meeting last night i am outraged, lets not pretend its business as useuall, thats why were in this position now, hiring a new manager with no direction will be the same recepie as donna mantin,a free for all, except for us the people whp pay for their actions, weather it be in aggravation or non services
      Lets look at the simple matters?
      Has any board member ever payed for a guest to park? I think not, but we all do

      Has any board member not been allowed access to have repairs??? I think not, but yet when our cable, or plumming or our ac needs fixing the rules apply and we sit airless, cableless and using a bucket to flush our toilets

      Do we have the right to be protected by police or even security? They dont but they used our moneys to protect themselvs
      dont think for one second they are excused by they diddent know, they know plenty, they wont give up their positions just to be in the know, dont beleive for one second sanda is not calling donna and giving the heads up, u dont walk hand and hand with someone and cause such distruction ans oust them with out being part of the problem
      We can not move foward with the board as it is now,

      And we need restution from them!!!! No more chances, in less they are willing to put their moneys on the line, they are not trusted with ours

  4. Maybe it will be a good idea to place on the bulletin boards in every building (I don't now, however, who keeps the keys fro these boards) the list of the existing Board Directors, and how unit owners can contact them, even though it's senseless. I believe Florence Poretsky resigned already. Since we have to be proactive, are we having special election or not? Tremendous amount of clerical work has to be done in preparation for the election. I am sure we'll find quite a few volunteers (including myself) for this work, but we need a word from the confirmed officers when and how we may start, because the entire remaining Board of Directors is completely dysfunctional and lost unit owners' trust. Who is buying their statement "We didn't know anything"? I am not. But I think that not only these two members of the Board should be considered accountable, but the entire Board. Our problems started relatively recently, not 40 years ago.

  5. The current Board is comprised of: Robert Graver, Ed Velazquez, Tulio Revilla, Sandra Fox, and Donna Tollefsen. All other previous Board members have resigned. The Board has made appointments of officers (agents) who are unit owners and are there to aide the Board with its reorganization during this abrupt change to the Jade Winds Administration.

    I am involved and can assure you that the current Board is doing its best given the circumstances and the mess left behind by others.

    If someone is not happy with what is going on and the current conditions, place your name as a nominee for the Board. The Board has plenty of available seats that need to be filled with people who are competent, willing and able to work for the Association without compensation.

    Now is not the time to be complaining, now is the time to step up and get involved.

  6. I find the suggestion to place the name as a nominee for the Board rather strange. Nobody is complaining here. Board will not make any difference in our lives without the support and involvement of all unit owners. People are not looking (or running) for the office, they just want to help newly appointed officers in resolving the mess left by the management and Board. However, we need a coordination. When our appointed officers started the fight in the sake of our community they were not the Board members, nor they were looking for the Board Director title. But they were able to achieve tremendous results. And now is our turn. Unit owners are willing to help. Just tell us what kind of help we can provide, whether it's accounting or just an entry level work. I believe within our community we'll be able to find all kind of specialists willing to help. Just tell us what to do and what kind of involvement you are looking for. And leave aside clichés such as "time to step up and get involved". We've stepped up (maybe later then we should have!) and we want to be involved in order to avoid a slightest possibility of having the Board and management as we had recently.

  7. I am a unit owner are exterminators still spraying the units? If so what is the schedule for Camelia 2?

    1. Hello this is TR, Yes exterminators are still working on Fridays, by now we have personel at office so just go to office and tell them your unit number and I will be get done for next friday

  8. Hello, I recently purchased a unit in Jade Winds. Could someone please advise where I send my application for approval? Is there a new property manager I should send it to? Thank you.

  9. I saw a posting that said parking fees and towing rules have changed. Any info?

    1. TR, the 5 dollars parking fee will come back in a couple of days, its necessary because there is too many cars coming at night time and that's why residents couldn't find spot later than 11pm, there is apartments that have more than 3 or 4 cars so we need to have control of our parking lot in addition we need to collect money for association (this will be done the right way and everything will be reported properly to the office), towing rules will be discuss with new manager and they will properly informed to unit owners.

    2. While you're making changes: when I rent a car, I shouldn't have to pay to park in my own spot.

  10. No news - good news?

  11. One day the parking situation must be addressed. Sure, there are more cars being parked now than 40 years ago. But today is not 40 years ago and this is one thing that has changed. And households do tend to own more cars than in the past, and one future decision should include how many cars per household would be permitted. But we shouldn't live in the past. -- be pro-active and create more parking spaces instead of continually charging for parking and shortchanging those who live here with multiple cars. Someone suggested using some of the green spaces for parking spaces. And with the incoming revenues from the parking lot a fund should be created to make more spaces. That way in the future we can all park, like the rest of the city, with no parking fees! I don't have the solution for this but along with our other concerns, this must, one day, be looked at.

    What makes the reinstating of the parking fee more legal this time than the last? How are (cash) monies going to be accounted for?

  12. There are plenty of dormant units in all the buildings, where are their parking spots? We pick up the tab for their being empty, allow them to be guest spots intill notice of being sold, surely being public information the board should know there are empty units, or is this something the board was also unaware of?
    Parking paying times have to be realavated to accomadate residenrs and guests not the guards who collect the money, since the no charging i have not seen one guard off the chair, which tells of the intrest if the guard if there is no money involved, we have already been told the guards were not reporting all the fees? Why are they still on the property? No phone calls of guests? Gates opened? Time for new guards with some sence of the property and aware of buildings and addresses and how to direct guests to their destination!!
    How about the elevators working and the safty notices being updated? Outgoing mailboxes being fixed so our mail is secured?

  13. Great idea! Let's cut all the trees and bushes and convert entire Jade Winds to the WallMart parking lot. Next I think will be elimination of all pools and hand made lakes in order to provide additional parking spaces. Why you agreed to just one parking space at the time of buying the apartment? I have serious doubts that you bought it 40 years ago. I agree, it's time for the "Parking Reform" as well as the time for the revision of Rules and Regulations. If we cannot for any reason follow these rules let's revise them, call for a Referendum and put it on a Ballot for the a new Board elections. I understand that family situations are changing constantly, and children have tendency to grow, and subsequently getting DLs and the cars. So, we will never have enough parking spaces, because families are growing as well as amount of vehicles per unit. I don't think, however, that to convert Jade Wind's common area into the parking lot is a solution for this problem. Same time, I totally agree with the proposal of the use of parking spots "reserved" for dormant units. Whoever is in need may apply for an additional spots and these spaces may be given whether on a monthly basis or until particular unit will be occupied to the unit owner of the building this parking lot belongs to. However, unit owners will need to pay for this monthly lease, that in return will bring an additional income to our community. Please don't forget that even though each unit owner is entitled to have two barcoded stickers, there is only one parking space per unit, at least for now according to our Rules and Regulations. Therefore, let's not punish those unit owners that don't need an additional space by the increasing HOA fees for this particular reason. By the way, does anybody have an itemization of our HOA fees? How much we are paying for cable, utilities, parking spots, etc. exactly per unit?

  14. While turning the entire complex into a "Walmart parking lot" was far from the context of my suggestion, I only wanted to perhaps get ideas flowing about what to do, way down the line, to eventually eliminate parking fees. I know of no other complex in our area that charges visitor parking and it seems unreasonable to ask guests to pay. My suggestion was carefully written to be free of any sarcasm and we should all try to maintain a neighborly tone while responding to others remarks. Thanks!


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