Monday, August 11, 2014

Part-Time Office-- Full-Time Pay? & Dog Poop Takes Over Common Areas

This Association has failed us once again.  How can unit owners get service when the office is closed half of the day?  Who  has decided this?  How is this putting the interest of the unit owner's first? 

Most people work through out the day and can't even make it when the office is open to 4pm. Those that do make it can hardly get the service they need because staff always defer the requested service to the so-called manager who is seldom available when she is there. 

Any available service is less likely now due to these absurd business hours.  

This is the second straight week that the office has arbitrarily closed it doors to unit owners, residents and even FedEx and process servers...but did you expect anything else than that? 

Dogs and poop everywhere;
Poop Bags NO WHERE to BE FOUND!!!
C'mon Jade Winds Management and BOD.  These are health and safety issues affecting our property and residents.   You are preventing me and others from safely using and enjoying the common areas. 

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