Thursday, August 14, 2014

Unit Owners Have a Right to Know and Act

Please read the documents posted below very carefully.   
It is a proposed Non-Compliant Case Agreement between Miami Dade County and the Property Owner, (in other words, the Jade Winds Association, the unit owners--You and I).

I will let you read it and make your own determination as to how critical and possibly detrimental this agreement is and/or can be.   Again, please read each and every line as carefully as possible. 

The final paragraph 12 of the agreement sums it up perfectly: 
In the event that the Owner fails to comply with any of its obligations as set forth in this Agreement, the County shall be authorized to demolish the Structure(s) without further notice to Owner. (emphasis added by the County.)  

Some key points to consider:
  • Board meeting.  Shouldn't there be a Board meeting to discuss this agreement before it signed?
  • Shouldn't unit owners be made aware of this agreement and afforded an opportunity to discuss before it is signed?
  • Why is the Association in this unfavorable position to begin with? 
  • Who is responsible for things getting this far and this bad?   
  • Who is going to sign this agreement as Property Owner?
  • What happens next?  

Let management know your thoughts about what I have presented here. 

This is not a joke nor is it gossip or a personal agenda.   This is a serious matter with serious consequences.  Enough is enough already or do you need a bulldozer at your front door to get you off of your ass to do something? 

You can't say you were NOT warned. 

Email and/or Call Management at: or call 305.949.4816 --good luck getting through on the phone. **

**Please include me with a courtesy copy (CC) of all emails sent to the management office or anyone else to ensure accountability. My email is:

Also contact First Service Residential at:

Also contact and/or CC the Miami Dade County Building Department Unsafe Structures Supervisor, Monte Lee, and voice your concerns as well:

and let them ALL know your interest and concerns with the Jade Winds.

Enough is Enough!


  1. Side note, both elevators in C2 are expired as of July 31, 2014...

  2. Time to march on first service,

  3. Guys,
    It's really great site. However, the time for rhetorical questions is already gone. Situation is out of control for the long time. In order for us to do something we have to be organized and able to discuss in the civilized way what can possibly be done, including but not limited to a hiring a legal representative. If it's not too late already. Otherwise, we may be on a street in no time.
    How we can meet?
    PS Have our Congress Representative been contacted regarding all this?

    1. Send email to:

  4. Please provide contact information when someone takes the time to reach out to congressmen or local government, I believe it will be helpful if everyone writes a letter or makes contact. Power in numbers.


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