Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pool, Pool Deck, and Surrounding Areas- Blight, Unsafe, and More

It seems as if blight and safety violations are the order of the day at Jade Winds.

I'll let these pictures tell the story.

Allamanda Pool shows lack of care as evidenced by the filthy build up near pool coping.

Close up of filthy Allamanda pool coping. 

Allamanda Pool light.  There are two lights at this pool but only this one is working.  And this one that is working has water in it (see bottom of light) and is turning brown as a result.  This is a typical indication of a faulty light fixture and danger.  This is an accident waiting to happening.  Don't be shocked (pun intended) when something terrible happens. 
Allamanda Pool - More black filth.

Blight left unchecked.

Jade Winds Tower- Unusable and uncared for.  It's an eyesore and money pit to say the least.  Work without permits, rents being paid, and heavy litigation with it's owners equals large expenses to unit owners for something that we can not even use or enjoy. 
I think we are down to zero amenities now unless you consider the unsafe and filthy pools as one.

Plenty of dogs but no poop bags provided to ensure the poop is cleaned up.  

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